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Case Study

RIZIV-INAMI is there for everyone, clear and digital

The National institute for sickness and disability insurance (RIZIV-INAMI) arranges compulsory insurance for medical care and benefits for almost all Belgian citizens. The RIZIV-INAMI’s public website contains a whole load of information for various target groups from all layers of the population. Understandability and a surveyable structure are an absolute necessity to guarantee the...

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White paper: Critical success factors for an ERP implementation

An ERP implementation changes companies and their business processes in fundamental ways. The impact is great. A number of studies have shown that companies underestimate the complexity of such long-term projects and approach them inadequately.
That is part of the reason for the often negative reports about ERP projects, about costs that get out of control, functionality that doesn't work properly and other such issues.

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Important Safety Recall
HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement Program

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