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Business Agility

People and organizations live in a rapidly changing world, full of volatility, uncertainly, complexity, and ambiguity. Business Agility is an organization's ability to constantly adapt, so it can keep supplying its customers and end users with valuable products and services. The team at Realdolmen BizDevOps Services is your partner for Business Agility, supporting your software development processes from the first query to customer value.


We believe every organization can benefit from Business Agility in order to excel in the market.

We achieve this by optimizing the way ideas are transformed into business value, in a pragmatic way.

We do this with multidisciplinary teams that support and improve people, processes, and tool ecosystems.

Agile at all levels

Business Agility can be applied and actively promoted at any level in an organization. We'll start to work pragmatically with a development team, several teams (cross level) and/or at an organization-wide level, depending on your aims.

  • At the organization-wide level: optimizing Business Agility with Business Agility Coaching & supporting projects and programs from idea to project realization (enterprise project management).
  • One or more development teams: supporting projects by working based around BizDevOps Loops, covering the entire loop (from idea to delivery) in a qualitative way (DevOps/ALM, Testing & QA, Cybersecurity and Digital Performance Management)
bizdevops loop

Getting started with the BizDevOps Loop

This loop covers an application's entire lifecycle. We aim for short loops, prioritizing smooth information flows and effective collaboration with all stakeholders. Employees are coached and trained in how to do this.

Added value

  • Business & IT are aligned
  • Working on the right things at the right time
  • Building process is smooth, accurate, and high-quality
  • Quick responses to changing situations
  • Short time from query to delivery
  • End-to-end product development
  • Optimizing and cutting software development costs
  • Happy customers and employees

Let’s Go For It Together. 

We'll help you get a better handle on the mechanisms behind agility, lean thinking, and value stream mapping. Understanding these means that working with our multidisciplinary team you'll be able to gradually and pragmatically improve the maturity of your technology, organizational design, people, leadership, and culture, on an ongoing basis.

We don't work using ready-made or theoretical solutions: we work with you to discover and map your Operational, Business & Enterprise Agility maturity, and to improve it. Of course, our approach does have some core features. We focus on E2E thinking, with providing value at its core from the very outset. Our work is context-driven and fits any environment, taking small, progressive steps and easy actions. You'll be able to rely on our extensive experience with all kinds of projects and customer segments. 

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