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The user experience is more crucial than ever in today's fast-paced, mobile digital world. Fast-loading applications, websites and apps that are always available and run smoothly, regardless of where or how they are hosted are what users have now come to expect and demand. That's why they say, "The most recent best experience someone had anywhere sets the bar for the experience they now want everywhere.”

To know what is happening in an application, or in an IT environment generally, it is important to be able to observe it continuously. This is known as observability.


Observability is the ability to infer internal states of a system based on the system's external outputs. This is achieved by the golden triangle of observability: metrics, logs and traces.


Why Dynatrace?

We have selected Dynatrace as our advanced observability platform because it provides some very important extra elements. In addition to Metrics, Logs and Traces (Purepaths), the user's Digital Experience is also permanently tracked on the user interface (UI). This looks at not only the technical aspects, but also includes a business perspective in its analysis. This promotes better understanding between business and IT. After all, the focus on customer success has never been more important. Would you like to take things a step further? Session Replay allows you to replay a full session as if you were looking over the user's shoulder.

Dynatrace's unique data model, Smartscape, automatically maps the topology and instantly places all the standard observability information in the right context. As a result, the central causal AI system (Davis) cannot only autonomously detect errors and anomalies but also identify the cause of the problem.

Evolve to the next level with Realdolmen as your partner

Observability is good, but using th edata to provide an improved service is better. That is why we at Realdolmen are thinking ahead and, in collaboration with you, we are exploring the possibility of connecting Dynatrace to various tools in order to apply the insights gained for maximum benefit. This might mean creating links to Teams, Slack, Keptn, Ansible or ServiceNow to evolve into LowOps and Self-Healing within your own ecosystem. We have a strong strategic partnership with Dynatrace. Our experts have the most and the highest-level Dynatrace certificates of anyone in the Benelux.

We will work with you through the various monitoring/APM stages, depending on maturity. In addition, we offer you the option of purchasing Dynatrace (or other tools) as a service. In this way, we can manage the entire process for you.

How can we help?


Fire Fighting

A first step is to carry out an analysis of what is going wrong within a given environment. In short, we carry out a performance audit.

smoke detection

Smoke Detection

24/7 monitoring, where we integrate Dynatrace into the ITSM processes. This means the impact is kept to a minimum if a problem occurs (MTTR).



Further integration of Dynatrace in the CI/CD pipeline, including monitoring as a service, load testing and quality gates.

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