Technology is changing the world at lightning speed. As a company, you have to keep up. However, keeping up is not only expensive; it asks for a complete review of your business processes to see where an acceleration can be built in. On the other side, to free up investments, the cost of the on-going business must be kept under control and, if possible, reduced as much as acceptable.

Change is usually not embraced without a struggle. Untraveled paths are often difficult to judge. As an experienced guide, we can already highlight three challenges on the road ahead and the shortcuts around them.

At a time of many turbulent changes, business continuity remains a critical goal. Keeping SAP up and running, together with a continuous optimization of the implemented SAP Solution, is an absolute must for many companies in order to continue their core operations.

From our nearshore SAP centers in Lisbon we help you to control the cost of your current business by supplying three different kinds of high-quality solutions.

We have an SAP Application Maintenance (SAM) track for constant support of SAP R/3, ECC6 as well as S/4 HANA. Our team of more than 300 experienced and multidisciplinary consultants are handling about 175 shared contracts. They are organized into four main domains: Finance, Logistics, Human Resources and Netweaver.


Our support service line, SAP Adm/Basis 24/7, constantly keeps SAP up and running.  More than 30 consultants supervise about 100 customers’ systems in a 24/7 mode by using SAP alert tools in order to provide a pro-active monitoring of those systems. Besides monitoring the SAP business processes, we offer a 1st and 2nd level support and a 24h resolution capability.

With our nearshore SAP Development Factory, we offer increased flexibility to meet demand fluctuation while reducing operation impact. You have access to whatever development expertise whenever required without hiring or subcontracting. Take advantage of code reuse and increase productivity while reducing development time. We follow strict coding rules & naming conventions and make use of the best practices for software development. We strive for independence for our customers by well documenting our development. This documentation acts as a knowledge repository.

Get in touch with one of our specialists if you want to know more about our TCO improvement solutions.


If you are using the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, you have a deadline. SAP will continue to offer support for ECC6  until 2025. After that, the support will stop and companies will have to convert to SAP's flagship S/4HANA. Depending on the extent to which your business processes depend on SAP, this may put pressure on the continuity of your operations.

The size of the project requires trained and experienced consultants who will guide your company through the process step by step. Realdolmen is S/4 HANA certified and can leverage 250 SAP consultants with HANA & S/4 HANA experience through 18 finalized projects and more than 10 on-going ones.

This new ERP suite will run exclusively on its own real-time SAP database HANA. Companies that switch to the new system will also have to migrate their entire database, together with or followed by a conversion of the current SAP platform. This is often a complex endeavor due to the customization many companies chose in the past.

HANALYST is an own property tool we have built based on the SAP Code Inspector tool. One of the main challenges of the migration and/or conversion projects is the adaptation of the existing code to make it compatible with the in-memory database. Ignoring this will cancel out the performance advantages of HANA. Moreover, it might be that the performance will be slower than before the migration or conversion. In a time-frame of a couple of hours we can present which code must be adapted, what effort it will take and where performance can be improved; all this in an appealing and easy-to-read report.


Getting your company ready for the future is good. Already implementing things that can make the difference today is even better. Yet, surprisingly, while surpassing themselves at innovating with products and services, most companies are terribly slow at reinventing their organizational structure or the way to approach their customers.

We focus on two SAP tools that help companies to put both the employee and the customer at the heart of their organization, as it is expected today.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors

In a world where there is a war on talent, employees must feel respected and trusted. With SuccessFactors, you incorporate a complete way of managing your Human Capital. This cloud-based human resources software seamlessly integrates to create a complete HCM system. It can help you streamline global HR processes, win at the recruitment and retention game, train and re-skill your workforce, take advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) – and much more.
SAP Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience

The customers of today are connected, very well informed and can make or break your company. SAP Customer Experience translates ideas in real customer centricity processes. SAP Customer Data Cloud turns anonymous visitors into loyal customers. SAP Marketing Cloud treats marketing as a trusted source of business. SAP Commerce Cloud provides a superior and personalized omnichannel commerce experience. SAP Sales Cloud improves sales with better selling experiences. SAP Service Cloud makes service the heart of your customer experience.

Realdolmen, your trusted SAP partner

Since 2018, Realdolmen is part of the Gfi Group. That same group integrated the Portuguese company ROFF as their SAP Competence center. ROFF, founded by four SAP consultants in 1996, is the leading SAP service provider and value-added reseller (VAR) in Portugal. With more than 1.200 SAP consultants, over 310 active customers in 13 countries and 4 continents, ROFF covers the entire SAP solution spectrum.

Realdolmen and ROFF will tackle all your SAP challenges on a cooperative base. From our local SAP business unit, we coordinate and market ROFF’s SAP practices towards our Belgian customers.

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