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About us

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Inetum is a digital services and solutions company. The Group is present in more than 27 countries, has nearly 28,000 employees and achieved a turnover of 2.4 billion euros in 2022. In a context where needs and applications are constantly reinvented, the Inetum Group supports companies and public authorities in their digital transformation by offering them a unique combination of proximity, sector-specific organization and innovative solutions. With its multi-specialist profile, Inetum focuses its organization around 4 Global Business Lines: Inetum Consulting, Inetum Technologies, Inetum Solutions and Inetum Software.

We are ONE GLOCAL organization, combining the best of both worlds.

Inetum-Realdolmen has a strong and broad local presence throughout Belgium, with offices in Huizingen, Kontich, Ghent and LeuvenThe Inetum Group is headquartered in Paris and is primarily active in France, Spain, Portugal and 23 other countries in and outside of Europe. We also maintain 21 international service centers. That way, we can advise and assist customers with international activities in other regions too. We place great emphasis on the same values locally and globally. Together we are committed to solidarity, ambition, excellence, commitment and innovation.

As each customer is unique and has different needs, we collaborate with a wide range of leading technology partners. We also develop our own IP, which we distribute internationally, partly via targeted partner channels.

We believe the magic happens when we cross borders.

Our goal is to shape a new world in which technology supports people and organizations to work together towards a Positive Digital Flow, for the purpose of better collaboration. We try to achieve this by looking for the interfaces and synergies between customer centricity, employee centricity and technology centricity in a pragmatic, constructive and proactive manner. Together with our (business) partners, we ensure that technology also makes a positive contribution to society as a whole.

#RPROUD of our role as trusted technology expert and preferred business partner

We provide our customers with the best total experience, embracing three strategic pillars.


Intimacy is about proximity to our customers, which is of the utmost importance to us even though we are part of the international Inetum Group. Local ownership is key. Think global, act local. Think local, act global.


Many of our customers want to be unburdened. The total cost of ownership is an important decision criterion in choosing the right partner for that. However, at the same time they also want to keep a lot of local flexibility. All of this is perfectly in line with our capabilities. We can offer on-site, nearshore and even offshore industrialization and automation services that can be fully adapted to the economic and human challenges our customers face today. The result? Increased productivity, reduced time-to-market and optimized costs.


We provide our customers with innovative and sustainable solutions to make their information systems a real performance lever. In order to achieve this, we have various interacting innovation labs, including one in Ghent. This knowledge sharing opens up new perspectives, both for our customers and ourselves.

Let's go for a Positive Digital Flow

The post-digital transformation era has arrived. This is an era in which needs are constantly reinvented, and whose solutions do not yet exist.

In this ever-changing world, companies and organizations are challenged to adapt to the ongoing digital flow that generates new economic, administrative and social opportunities. We believe that this digital flow should serve the performance of companies, organizations and institutions and their positive impact on women, men and society as a whole.

We help our customers and employees get the most out of this digital flow. And we do this by unburdening and innovating at the technological level in order to achieve sustainable growth. This requires digital leadership. We help to achieve this at three levels: with a digital attitude, a both-and reflex and an infinite perspective.

Find out all about the Positive Digital Flow.

What can you expect from us?

Inetum-Realdolmen's product and service offering helps companies navigate the changes and challenges of today's digital world. 

The focus is on supporting customers in the following areas: all aspects of Digital and Digital Strategy, Digital Customer Experience, Digital Workplace, Finance & Operation Performance, Information Management, Smart Data, Application Management & Modernization, Multicloud, Networking & Security and Outsourcing

Inetum-Realdolmen operates across the entire spectrum of sectors, with a specific focus on sectoral challenges and digital solutions in:

  • Government & Healthcare
  • Transport, Travel & Services
  • Energy, Utilities, Chemicals & Life Sciences
  • Industry
  • Retail & Consumer Goods

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