About us

About us

Pleased to meet you!

Realdolmen is one of the biggest independent ICT experts in Belgium. With around 1,250 highly trained employees, we provide services to over 1,000 customers in Benelux. 

We strive to make ICT more personal, to make the most of your employees’ and your organisation’s potential in every collaboration we’re a part of. We do all this with the motto: To get there, together.


Why work with Realdolmen?

We make ICT work for your business

Our customers are organisations that are undergoing change and adapting their business processes. These are mainly organisations that do their business in a customer-focussed way and see ICT as a strategic investment.

Realdolmen is not a typical ICT company. We don’t start from just a technological perspective, but instead focus on people, their potential and the results that you want to achieve. Then we work out the technological aspect. In short: we make ICT work for your business.

We help you with every ICT question.

We provide advice about ICT to support your business plans or create new business models. We also look, together with you, at how big technological innovations can make a difference. We improve your business processes, implement ICT solutions and provide innovation in the short term. We help you with products and services for your applications and infrastructure to support your daily activities. You’re also at the right the place for a structural partnership. We can address all your questions in an integrated way.

To get there, together!

Let us know how we can help. We’ll happily take your ICT concerns off your hands and work together with you on your organisation’s future.

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