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A company is only as secure as its weakest link. The question is not whether a company can get hacked or not, it’s simply a matter of when.

To ensure and verify a secure setup, we offer a team of certified ethical hackers who will test and probe both application and system security before your data falls into bad hands or is leaked. Using plain speech, we clarify confusing cybersecurity keywords and advise on how to strengthen your security.

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          Offensive Security Services

External Penetration Testing

We test like real hackers in the wild. Starting from scratch, we stop insiders from gaining information when they try to get inside or extract data using design flaws, misconfigurations, forgotten applications, public information, etc.

External penetration testing can be performed either on the web application or infrastructure level.

Internal Penetration Testing

This stage exposes potential threats and risks from inside your network. A thorough investigation will determine how far a hacker has already penetrated and what an optimistic employee can obtain.

All of the testing performed will cause no damage or interrupt the daily workflow and integrity of your business.

Social Engineering

In the context of information security and by means of "on-site infiltration," a hacker will attempt to gain access to the internal infrastructure of the organization through the use of social interactions and misleading information.  Through a "stolen laptop simulation," you will be informed as to what can go wrong when one of your laptops ends up in the hands of a hacker. By using "phishing campaigns," our ethical hackers provide an overview of the security awareness of the users within your organization. They will also demonstrate how to increase security awareness in order to recognize, avoid, and report potential threats.

Ransomware Attack Simulation 

Our team of ethical hackers have everything in place to perform a full simulation of a ransomware attack. Custom-made ransomware is being created to test the security of your defense systems.

          Defensive Security Services

Code reviews

From a security perspective during a code review, we examine your code line by line, as well scrutinizing how security measures are implemented and where the system can potentially be bypassed.  Based on that review, backdoors often manifest, and we prevent any future chance of a data leak or code manipulation.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC)

We identify the vulnerabilities of all applications before hackers can exploit them.

To prevent application security issues from ever reaching a production environment, it’s important to set up a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC). This means embedding security in the development life cycle. 

Starting from the design to the going live phase, tools and processes are used to ensure a secure application.

Theoretical Audits Based on CIS Top 20 Controls

The CIS top 20 controls have been selected by CIS and bundled within a standard checklist.  This became a standard publication in 2008. A theoretical audit will determine whether standard security measures are being properly implemented within the organization.  This will increase the global security maturity level of the organization.

Dynamic and Static Malware Analysis

Under a cyberattack in the form of malware infection? We will investigate the source of infection and remove the malware from the network, laptop, or desktop by running professional sandboxed tools such as Cuckoo, IDA, etc.

Vulnerability Management

The exploitation of vulnerabilities via the Internet is a huge problem that requires immediate proactive control and management. That’s why it is recommended to use vulnerability management to proactively detect and eliminate vulnerabilities in order to reduce overall security risk and prevent exposure. We can help you to decide which solution fits your needs, installation, and follow-up of the continuous vulnerability management cycle.


Once testing is completed, an extensive report is to be expected. This easy-to-understand report contains information such as potential business risks, found issues with detailed descriptions, a management summary,  a CVSS score severity chart, and remediations.

         A healthy secure upkeep

Once all risks and potential troubles ahead are mapped out, it’s time to do something about them. Using the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) concept, we create a continuous cycle of risk mitigation and reduction. This important step will improve and maintain traceability towards GDPR compliance.

A security audit is merely a snapshot of a business's current maturity. Performing recurring penetration tests is therefore of the essence in order to maintain a high level of security. Check out our SIEM and monitoring solutions for more information.


How We Get Started

The list of possible ways to test and secure your environment can be a bit overwhelming. That is why we will guide you in this, right from the beginning. We are convinced that it is important to have a good relationship with our customers before we start working together. That’s why we always start with an intake (a maximum of one hour) where we explore your needs and challenges together.  This enables us to define the right goals and the scope of the security assessment. In short, everything is in place for a kickstart on your path to a better level of security.

An Independent Partner


A secure environment is our top priority. Within the scope of the project, we test and do everything required to get a complete and correct overview of the current situation. Even if other Realdolmen teams deliver services to your organization or have knowledge of your network, we are impartial in this regard and even curious about the work delivered by our colleagues.

An A to Z Partner


We can also guide you in different aspects of security. In cooperation with our recognized education center, we have developed workshops that will help your developers write secure code and develop a security mindset in your organization.

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