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Realize the Potential of Data

Become a data-driven organization, at every stage, from the insightful areas of descriptive analytics to the actionable frontiers of analytics. Our commitment extends beyond pure analytics - we also facilitate the seamless adoption of AI within organizations. By empowering organizations with the transformative potential of their data, we navigate the complexities and help them evolve into entities where data is not just a resource, but a strategic asset. Step into a future where intelligent insights drive innovation and strategic decisions.


Focus on the Platform, People, and Processes


To transform raw data into an optimized decision-making process or as an enabler for new business and services, an organizational change is needed. Therefore, we don't merely focus on developing technology. We also look at the processes and the people needed to truly develop a data-driven culture. This doesn't mean that we always start with a big bang. We start small with a concrete data project that has a specific business goal. You'll learn as much as you can and you can transfer all of those lessons to a bigger project.  

Let's complete your data journey together

Data Governance

Frameworks and tools for managing data availability, usability, integrity, and security. Ensure compliance, improve data quality, and enable better analytics through effective data management.

Platform Modernization

Upgrade and optimize data platforms to collect data from sources to storage and enable reporting.

Data Migration

Securely and efficiently transfer data from legacy systems to modern platforms. Seamlessly migrate to modern systems with minimal disruption, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.


Custom AI solutions tailored to specific business needs using the latest generative AI technologies. Drive innovation and efficiency with AI models that can generate novel content, predict trends, and automate complex tasks.

Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensive suite of AI services, including machine learning, natural language processing, and AI strategy consulting. Improve decision-making, optimize operations, and create personalized customer experiences.

Business Intelligence

Tools and strategies for turning data into actionable insights. Enable informed decision-making with real-time data analysis, visualization, and reporting.

Do you too want to get value from your data with BI and AI with Azure?

Our Data & AI assessment will help you get started. Not only will you discover the possibilities you can already achieve today using Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, but we also look to the future.

Leverage our expertise

We deliver customized solutions, bypassing one-size-fits-all approaches. We don't rely on off-the-shelf solutions, but rather develop customized strategies, starting with engaging workshops that provide a solid foundation - all free of charge, with sessions lasting up to two hours. Our approach is rooted in inspiration, leveraging the power of genAI to uncover innovative use cases that align with your unique objectives.

Benefit from a wealth of expertise from across our international group, ensuring a comprehensive perspective on your data challenges. As your one-stop-shop, we offer seamless integration and have specialized knowledge in IoT, making us well-equipped to handle the complexities of your data landscape. With over 30 consultants based in Belgium and a commitment to nearshoring, we bring local expertise to your doorstep.

Our experts have an extensive collection of certifications, especially in data-related topics such as Microsoft Azure. Rely on our proven capabilities to guide you through your data journey, providing not just solutions, but a partnership that will propel your organization to data-driven excellence.

Our partners

Our collaboration with technology partners Microsoft, AWS, Snowflake, Profisee and Collibra enables us to implement state-of-the-art data management solutions.


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