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Atlassian Application Lifecycle Management

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Realdolmen builds on years of experience in developing software and a thorough knowledge of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes and tools. This allows us to provide professional services where we aim at generating value from day one, working the agile way with the least possible waste along the way. 
As an Atlassian Expert we train your IT staff in Agile & Scrum, evaluate & optimize development processes, and deploy & operate your Atlassian tools.

software development & collaboration tools
software development & collaboration tools

Plan for success

Before diving into processes & tools, you might want to take some time to check where you are heading.

What is your current ALM maturity? Which platforms are you going to develop for? What are the business expectations? Which ALM challenges are you trying to tackle? And most importantly, how will you succeed in doing so?

By performing an ALM Assessment, Realdolmen can help you answer these questions, making sure there is a realistic roadmap for you to attain your (long term) goals in an efficient and effective way. Together.

Bootstrap your ALM platform

You already know where you are going? No problem! Realdolmen can help you get off on the right foot, applying the best practices you can expect from an Enterprise Atlassian partner:

  • Select the best tools for your environment
  • Optimal Installation & configuration
  • Effective migration from existing ALM tools, whether on premise or in the cloud
  • Training for Atlassian tools and processes, both for end users and administrators, provided by our praised RealDolmen Education team.
software development & collaboration tools
software development & collaboration tools

Leave the worries to us

As more and more users find their way to the Atlassian platform, good support and high uptime will become increasingly important. No need to worry however: Realdolmen can manage the platform for you, with a team that can scale as you grow. 

This means you can enjoy an environment that is always up and running with the latest updates applied. In addition to this, the Realdolmen Managed Services team provides a top class service desk with guaranteed SLAs, answering all your questions whether functional or technical.

Within this service, you can take care of your own (on premises) hosting, or we can take care of this. In this case you can choose between our private Realdolmen Cloud Services on Belgian soil or in a public cloud of your choice.

Continuously improve

No matter what you do, it is impossible to grasp all functionalities provided by the great Atlassian tools from the beginning. Next to this, ALM practices continuously evolve, resulting in opportunities for improvements along the way. Realdolmen can help you with:

  • Setting up Continuous Integration.
  • Implementation of continuous deployment.
  • Integration of heterogeneous ALM tools or other platforms, such as helpdesk software and time registration systems.
  • Customizations such as specific reports, plugins, automations and process template adaptations.

Realdolmen can help you achieve the next level at your own pace!

software development & collaboration tools
Software collaboration tools

As a Platinum Solution Partner we support all Atlassian products, on premise and in Atlassian cloud.

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