ICT Infrastructure Services

ICT Infrastructure Services

Give your employees what they need

Unburden your ICT department

What do your employees need to be able to do their work? A laptop or PC, printer, phone, internet connection, operating system, software, drivers, servers, physical space for the servers, cooling for the servers…? The list is probably longer than you think. And each component in the list can fail or cause a breakdown in service. And each component might also contain more components and parts that can fail or cause a breakdown in service. So there’s good reason to ‘unburden’ your ICT department by outsourcing the commodity and support to an external partner.

Give your employees what they need

Even the most advanced ICT infrastructure becomes inadequate over the course of time. Realdolmen’s ICT Outsourcing Operations department ensures that you can keep up with the technological changes in your organisation and the latest developments in your sector at all times. We start by identifying the entire chain of devices that you need. We ensure your employees have access to their applications from anywhere at all times, so they can work wherever and whenever they want.

More than monitoring

You don’t just need the right technology for your ICT to work flawlessly; you also need the right expertise. Our people keep a close eye on your infrastructure so they can spot any emerging problems in good time. Over the longer term they prevent urgent interventions by proposing servicing or other adjustments to your ICT plan before they become too serious. You can decide for yourself what level of support you want. Do you just want to arrange practical repairs on an ad hoc basis, or should we send an ICT professional over more regularly? You choose the most suitable and budget-friendly solution for your company. Either way, our helpdesk is always available to you and we can make changes quickly if necessary.

Organisation and Standardisation

Good organisation and standardisation of processes is required to be able to intercept any potential problems in the chain and resolve them quickly, flexibly and cost-efficiently. All ICT Outsourcing Operations employees are trained in ITIL and are constantly receiving further training. Governance is often underestimated, but it’s an extremely important part of outsourcing processes. Every company is constantly changing, so an environment never stays stable for very long. Continuous communication between customer and service provider about upgrades, new applications, new hardware and so on is therefore a prerequisite for updating alarms and monitoring.

Want to know more?

IT outsourcing helps you change faster

This whitepaper outlines the role of IT outsourcing in the age of digital transformation. Lots of companies are taking a long, hard look at the products and services they offer. The extra flexibility and simplification that IT outsourcing provides helps this transformation process run much more smoothly.