KBC takes a look at its online banking platform through the eyes of a user

KBC takes a look at its online banking platform through the eyes of a user

Application Performance Management is more crucial than ever in today's fast-paced, mobile world. Users have come to expect fast-loading websites that are always available, and that applies equally to online banking. For the vast majority of users, online/mobile banking has become the de facto norm for managing their finances.

Dynatrace makes websites more performant at KBC

The challenge: locating the black hole in the performance problem

In order to proactively monitor and, where necessary, improve the performance of the KBC Touch online banking platform, the bank partnered with Dynatrace. Monitoring was also set up for other applications, such as in the new CRM software for insurers and branches. The quest to optimize performance is not always obvious. The cause may lie in the infrastructure, but could equally well be in the application code. Dynatrace AppMon (Dynatrace Application Monitoring) performs end-to-end tracking of all transactions within an application, or across applications, giving you a seamless view of the performance of these transactions and any fluctuations that may occur.

The solution is more than software: expertise and collaboration for better performance

Dynatrace was looking for experts to keep the whole process on track. They found the experience and support they needed with Realdolmen.

Application Performance Monitoring delivers a wealth of data that only becomes valuable once it has been effectively managed. Realdolmen has laid out procedures and has set up processes for KBC in order to structure, manage and interpret these data, and has also developed dashboards so that the right people can view the right information.

In addition, Realdolmen experts have set up a community operation to enable more teams to make use of this technology, and they provided training on Dynatrace so that KBC now has an internal quality team of its own Dynatrace experts. Realdolmen experts are still always available to support and solve more complex problems.

Working proactively by focusing on the user

Application Performance Management doesn't stop with the technical results. Detecting "user feelings" as if the customer were standing live in front of you at the office, that's today's challenge. And informed users feel less frustrated. Proactive monitoring is the best way to eliminate potentially irritating situations, so maximizing service to users and customers.

KBC and Dynatrace are leading the way in the APM industry. With the latest new feature, "Visually Complete", Dynatrace succeeds in literally tracking the moment that an image is loaded visibly on the screen in front of a user, including for hybrid applications such as KBC Touch. It offers KBC unprecedented accuracy in its measurement, so that it can come closer to meeting the demands of its online customers.

Internal employees are also key

Good collaboration and communication between teams creates the best basis for excellent customer service. Therefore, KBC uses the wealth of information from Dynatrace not just for its customers, but also as a means of communication between various internal IT and business teams. Sharing and interpreting data together leads to more efficient solutions acrossdepartmental boundaries.

Now we’re in the customer’s seat and can automatically see how the experience is impacting our business. It’s super powerful and fully automated, and aligns IT, marketing, business leadership and our customers for the first time.

Thomas Rotté | Chief Performance Officer @ KBC Bank