Application Lifecycle Management to enable continuous delivery

Application Lifecycle Management to enable continuous delivery


New apps are released on a daily basis in the highly digitalized and data driven world today. The ever changing requirements of end users and customers puts pressure on application development teams to develop and deliver apps quicker. At the same time you are enforced to maintain your existing apps.

Our vision on Application Lifecycle Management

Control on the application lifecycle that goes beyond the classic software development lifecycle has become more important than ever. With the right processes and supporting tools you will manage your applications in a recorded and controlled way until they are no longer used.

Why Realdolmen as your ALM-partner?

Thanks to our broad experience with different ALM tools we can provide independent and tailored advice in line with your business needs.

What can we do for you?

Software licenses

We offer you ALM tooling licenses  of different tools and advice you on the best tool for your business needs. We take care of the implementation, user adoption and training on the tool and integration with other applications and tools in your company.

Take a look at our partner links for more information about the different tools. Or contact us for information about any other tool of your choice.


  • We help you in selecting the best ALM ecosystem for your environment.
  • We help in configuring the ALM platform to fit your specific needs.
  • We assist in upgrades and migrations of the ALM ecosystem.
  • We help in guiding the team to get the most of the platform.
  • We can build integrations with other applications.

Managed ALM

You want an environment that is always up and running with the latest updates applied?  Leave the worries to us. We can manage your ALM platform for you and provide you a top class service desk. Within this service you can take care of your own hosting on premise or we take care of it in a private or public cloud of your choice.

ALM Assessment

What is your current ALM maturity? Which platforms are you going to develop for? What are the business expectations? Which ALM challenges are you trying to tackle?

An ALM assessment helps you answer these questions. Based on interviews with different profiles in your company about all ALM related aspects we deliver a detailed report. This report describes the situation as-is, an inventory of potential issues and suggestions for improvement. A roadmap shows the actual ALM maturity of your organization.

Explore the Realdolmen ALM Roadmap
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