Digital Performance Management

performance management

Performance is more crucial than ever in today's fast-paced, mobile world. Both external and internal users attach great importance to the performance of applications and other digital touchpoints.

Responsive web and mobile applications that are constantly available have become the benchmark for users. Internally, application performance can also have a huge impact on employee productivity. It is this context that Application Performance Management (APM) plays a hugely important role.

Meanwhile, the technical environments in which these applications run are becoming ever more dynamic and complex. Things like cloud-native platforms within which micro-services ensure that every request is processed rapidly and correctly. Extensive observability is needed more than ever in order to maintain control and know what is happening (watch our webinar on this topic). Traditional static monitoring no longer works in today's application landscapes.

Digital Performance Management: what’s in it for you?

  • End-to-end tracking of all transactions within an application or across applications gives you a seamless view of performance.
  • Report problems the first time they occur.
  • Through a combination of load testing and integration in the continuous delivery pipeline, problems can be detected proactively, before they reach users.
  • The cause of the problems is uncovered and can be fixed.
  • Interpreting the data at a technical level allows you to resolve the problem quickly and proactively.
  • User problems can be tracked, down to the tiniest action taken by the user. This information can then be used to identify the principal cause more quickly.

How can we help you?

fire fighting

Fire fighting

A proactive mindset - prevention is definitely better than cure - is preferable, but sometimes fires break out and then you need to extinguish them as fast as possible to avoid damage to your reputation.

• Performance Audit
• Troubleshooting sessions
smoke detection

Smoke detection

Keep an eye on everything 24/7 in order to detect problems quickly and accurately.

• Tooling
• Create awareness
• Training
• ITSM integration
• Plugins
• BI integration


A problem that does not get through to the production environment, but is discovered and resolved upstream, has zero impact on users and is much less expensive to resolve.

• Tooling
• Load testing
• DevOps integration
• Training
• Review internal processes
• Democratize information
• Quality Gates

We believe in strong partnership

Realdolmen wants to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of applications in organizations. To do so, we have built a strong strategic partnership with Dynatrace. Our experts have the most and the highest-level Dynatrace certificates of anyone in the Benelux.

We handle the implementation and configuration of the Digital Performance tool and, perhaps more importantly, recommend how to use the solution and how to interpret data so that you can see results quickly. It's not just our knowledge of the tool that is essential, our consultants are also knowledgeable and experienced in subjects such as software architecture and development, and possess the coaching skills required to teach your development teams to become more aware of performance problems during the development process.

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