Business Agility Coaching

Virtually everyone in the IT sector has come into contact with 'agile' – whether up close or from afar. In practice, this usually relates to agile software development. However, the term "agile" is broader than that, and isn't limited to the IT department at all.

It's known as "business agility". Business agility is based on the questions "Which services and products should my organization focus on in order to create added value?", and "How can I realize this added value as quickly as possible in a complex, constantly changing environment?"

business agility coaching

Turn your organization into an innovative, value-driven organization

Are you seeking to:

  • Work on products and services at exactly the right time?
  • Build the right products and services?
  • Deliver high-quality products and services?
  • Maintain sustainable agility in an ever-changing environment?
  • Stay ahead of the competition through continuous innovation?
  • Have transparency and predictability in your portfolio?
  • More satisfied customers and employees?
  • Efficient product development?
  • Optimized software development?
  • Improved relationships between business and IT?

If so, our business agility coaches can help you get started.

Your vision and mission are clear. The strategy and objectives have been defined. But how can you actually achieve these objectives in terms of new services and products? And how can you change existing products and services? Our business agility coaches will help you draw up a value-driven, iterative and prioritized approach. We can also teach you and your employees to deal with complexity, uncertainty and change in an adaptive, creative and resilient way, so you can be innovative – sustainably and rapidly.

Every company wants to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the market. The days of lengthy studies, drawing up roadmaps, and implementing programs and projects are over. By the time your study is 50% complete, your competitor has already overtaken you. The aim is to combine the speed of a startup with the stability of a large company.

Need a successful agile transformation?

Meet our five-phase approach for a quality transformation!

Our vision of business agility coaching

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all agile solution. We can coach you in different areas and levels that influence one another and have an impact in their own right. We focus on empowering organizations and people so they can evolve towards an agile mindset, values and actions. We therefore do not opt simply to implement agile methodologies, but instead train and coach you in the mechanisms of agile, lean and system thinking that form the basis of the solutions. This is the only way to get an agile transformation to take root in your organization, and it is only by doing this that you will gain the most from all the benefits of business agility. Our multidisciplinary team will help you through an agile transformation process that will take you to the next level in terms of people, leadership, culture, organizational design and technology.

step by step

Make changes step by step

It is not a big bang transformation tackling your entire organization in one go. We change through small iterative steps, learning from each action taken and making adjustments.

Transformation is customization

It is not an off-the-shelf theoretical solution. We work independently of any methodology and are context-driven. Our business agility coaches do not implement; they teach, support and coach you to find the solution that works for you.

Immediate results

We start working upfront in a team or department and look for minor actions to improve things, using what your people already know.

Broad expertise and ecosystem

Our business agility coaches have a great deal of experience in many different contexts and sectors and can work closely with all kinds of technical experts as and when needed.

What can we offer you?


We offer standard and customized training courses in all kinds of agile domains. We can provide training at different levels: from introduction through to certification for and Safe© (and more).


We give you insights into how your organization really works – not just how it is described in documents, but based on the reality on the ground. We use all manner of visualization and measurement techniques to explain clearly how value is delivered.


We offer coaching for all roles and teams at all levels within your company: within the IT team, at program level and at C-level.


The three steps above provide the basis for a total transformation of your business. The result is a learning organization that can handle the changes happening in the world in an agile way without the need for additional programs or initiatives. 

Our knowledge in practice

Tips and tricks from one of our Business Agility Coaches on building trust into online meetings.

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