The Customer Success Platform

The digital transformation has led to extensive digitalization and automation. Intelligent customer management makes it easier to track individual customers throughout their journey. The current technology creates impressive opportunities for segmentation and personalization.

Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, you can manage all your company's relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. This improves both customer retention and your responsiveness to customer needs. After all, they are accustomed to individual attention and now expect this of companies.

A connected platform for optimum growth

Salesforce is a fully integrated CRM software suite for managing all interactions with (prospective) customers throughout their customer journey. It is an ideal solution for facilitating the digital transformation of your company, thus helping it to grow and achieve success. It puts an end to a fragmented approach, and redefines and streamlines processes. This can only increase customer satisfaction.

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Applications are increasingly being provided ‘as a service’, i.e. in the cloud instead of on your own servers. This eliminates expensive startup costs and the need for software maintenance, and everyone can access the most up to date and reliable data anywhere, anytime, and with any device – with the requisite focus on security. Furthermore, you always work with the latest software version, ensuring that you receive early access to the latest trends and technologies.


Make use of the available data in real time to minimize your Time to Value (TtV).


For both large and small companies.


Salesforce is constantly seeking out innovation and provides three free updates per year for as long as you have your subscription. This means your company regularly benefits from new features and functionalities to provide an all-important competitive edge.

Integrable apps

All Salesforce sales, marketing and customer service solutions are based on a shared CRM platform, so that your employees have comprehensive information about all customers.

A scalable platform with solutions for all departments

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

44% more sales productivity

With Salesforce, your salespeople have a complete picture of each customer and their needs at all times – whether in the office, at home or on the road. In addition, salespeople, experts, partners, suppliers, distributors, etc. can work together in real time, resulting in rapid and successful deals.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud

29% more customer satisfaction

Salesforce offers direct access to contract information, legal data and information. Salesforce's omni-channel options allow you to contact your customer in real time by phone, email, live chat, etc. A service platform that won't let the conversation come to a halt.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud

23% more marketing ROI

Pardot combines your marketing and sales on one platform for B2B marketing automation. Fill up your pipeline and use lead nurturing to generate quality leads. In addition, use advanced analysis to get the most out of your work.



Make more intelligent sales with Einstein, your own personal AI data scientist, by prioritizing superior leads and opportunities in a smarter way.

A unique partner

Realdolmen is an official Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and offers consultancy services for Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Pardot and Service Cloud.

We are a reliable partner and are familiar with complex CRM projects. Realdolmen distinguishes itself by functioning as a one-stop shop while offering local anchoring and a presence on the Belgian market.

We begin at the beginning, exploring your CRM strategy and needs together. To address them, we set up a Salesforce environment, which allows us to develop customized features. On request, we can support your Salesforce environment during its entire life cycle. In addition, we will keep you informed of Salesforce innovations and assess their value to your organization. In other words, as your partner we will take on the entire process: from analysis to implementation, training and support. We can develop a Salesforce environment to meet your needs for both SMEs and larger enterprises. This is always based on the latest knowledge. Our accredited education center ensures that our consultants acquire all the necessary certificates.


A successful project does not end with delivery

At Realdolmen, we go further than simply implementing the selected Salesforce solution. To achieve the maximum ROI and user involvement, we can take more steps if desired – always following an agile approach:


Our own Salesforce component

Our Salesforce consultants proactively help to build the best Salesforce experience for our customers, completely according to Salesforce's own requirements and guidelines. Within that framework, we developed our own Salesforce component. From now on, you can have the VAT numbers of your customers checked automatically, giving you some extra security when doing business!

Our EU VAT checker makes sure that the VAT number of your client is valid (registered in the database of the European Commission) and has the right format (e.g. the right amount of numbers). It checks the VAT or TAX number of any record when a record is created or updated in any Lightning page. Drag and drop it to your lightning page of choice, specify the VAT field for the page's object and you’re DONE.

Discover our free component in Salesforce AppExchange

VAT checker Salesforce
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