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We can't avoid it any longer: innovation and change are coming hot on each other's heels at an ever-increasing pace. We are living in a "VUCA world" that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

To ignore this is the beginning of the end. Every company needs to keep its attention focused firmly on the future. Is your company ready to survive in such a rapidly changing world? Staying in your comfort zone is not an option. It is only by keeping a keen eye on your own work domain and everything happening beyond it (not to mention understanding it all), by developing a vision, and by building clarity and flexibility into your processes that you will be prepared to deal with the imminent shifts in business and technology.


Realdolmen also has developed a vision that will enable it to meet the major challenges head on. We want to include your organization in a Digital Flow. We are looking at continuous movement that alleviates the burden on your IT operations, keeps your existing environment working efficiently, and frees up valuable resources in order to collaborate simultaneously on strategic innovation.

Go For Innovation

Are you ready for this? Do you have a strategy to take advantage of ideas, including those outside your comfort zone? Do you know what business value each technological and digital innovation can deliver? Do you know whether your ideas that are being implemented in new products and services actually meet your customers' needs and expectations and those of your employees, stakeholders, etc?

Everything starts with a good idea – without ideas there can be no innovation. Innovation demands a different way of thinking that is encouraged by different points of view. The customer and their customer experience are at the heart of this way of thinking. Design thinking is the method selected here to find good ideas for challenges that are rooted in the needs of the customer. An idea rapidly evolves in a well-thought-out manner into a prototype that can then be immediately tested in practice.

An innovation culture is also essential – this is where employees are motivated to always look at their work with an open mind, setting aside the notion of "we do it like this because we have always done it like this". How can innovative technology support me? How can technology simplify my processes? Actively embracing a digital attitude will automatically drive innovation forwards. A digital attitude ensures that when you are facing a challenge, your reflex is always to look to technology for assistance.
Agile working is also very important. Innovation is not something that is driven by a timetable. Organized action is more important than passive thinking. Failing a few times along the way is an opportunity to learn, and each time you stand up you become more stable.

The technologies that facilitate innovation

Our approach: from the abstract to the specific

There are different approaches and levels for introducing innovation to your company. Realdolmen has developed various approaches and solutions as part of a wide-ranging response. All have the same goal: to convert an abstract idea into a specific, valuable business application that will leave your organization future-proof. Our strength lies in the expertise we have across different domains, technologies, application areas, etc. In addition, we have permanent access to international knowledge and resources as part of the Gfi Group.

Innovation Thursday

Technology is constantly in motion. If you wish to retain the leading position you have worked so hard to achieve, it is crucial to be aware of this and to keep up to date with developments. We give you the opportunity to regularly meet experts at our monthly Innovation Thursdays, where we also discuss all the ins & outs of a specific innovative technology.

Do you want to stay up-to-date? Let us know.

Innovation Thursday

FabLab network

We have a number of FabLabs within the Gfi Group innovation network, one of which is located in Ghent. You can view working use cases there and meet experts. We are convinced that the best ideas often come to you like a lightning bolt simply because you are learning the right things and trying them out.

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Innovation Workshop

Drawing on a design-thinking methodology, we co-create new ideas with your employees.

We inspire people about all things innovation, and place the focus on the needs of your customer(s) and developments within your own sector or other sectors. During various workshops (a choice of 3 procedures of differing intensities), we delve into your ecosystem to spot the opportunities and identify your innovation focus. We generate as many ideas as possible before selecting the most suitable ones and developing them into prototypes. You can then review these prototypes in terms of feasibility, costs and planning. More info

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