Alternate Reality Realdolmen guides you into the future

Alternate Reality: let us guide you into the future

Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality…the straightforward reality you knew has transformed into an exciting combination of tangible and intangible experiences – an alternate reality.

And not only in the world of gamers. Various business sectors are already using mixed reality software to increase their efficiency and turn customer expectations into a unique experience.

Mixed Reality for car manufacturers and dealers

A Microsoft Hololens enables your client to build their own three-dimensional vehicle while sitting on a chair in your office. Want to let the client sit in the car and adapt the color of the interior at the click of a button? Can they add extra passenger seats or remove them to increase luggage space? Would your client like to take a look underneath the car? The options to be provided by your Hololens application are up to you. We build them using the Microsoft Mixed Reality Platfom.

Mixed Reality for car manufacturers and dealers
Mixed Reality in education

Mixed Reality in education and as a teaching aid

Given the virtually infinite capabilities of mixed reality software apps, the traditional practice of dissecting bodies may soon become unnecessary for medical students. You decide which organs appear as holograms in the course. We build the required software for you.

Are you a manufacturer or a logistics company that sometimes gives guided tours to schoolchildren? Why not let the children take part in your production activities? Or put them on the conveyor belt and let them experience first-hand the progress of your products through your warehouse. Our software, built on the Microsoft Mixed Reality Platform, adapts itself in a Hololens or virtual reality headset to every device and every target audience.

Mixed reality for architecture and interior design

Design a complete apartment block floating in the air in the middle of your office. Stroll between the tables, chairs and stage that you have used to transform an empty factory into a party space in just a few seconds. With the Mixed Reality Platform, no idea is too outlandish, and absolutely anything can be done “live in virtual reality”.

Mixed reality for architecture

What can we offer you?

Two-way inspiration

We aim to use mixed reality software to jointly build a bridge between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds. For this, we count on your inspirational ideas for integrating innovative technology into your business.

From our side, we provide the necessary understanding of Mixed Reality to be able to select the technology that will provide added value for your business. We also help you to use it.

From “Wow, this is fantastic” to “We've got to have this technology in our company”

Introducing innovative technology is sometimes a leap into the unknown. This is why we set out a step-by-step trajectory for investigating the opportunities of mixed reality in your organization and for budgeting accordingly.


Inspiratiesessie Alternate Reality

Inspiration session Alternate Reality

In a session lasting approximately one hour, we introduce you to the latest advancements in mixed reality technology. You will be given demonstrations of various devices, including the Microsoft Hololens and Acer's Mixed Reality headset. Together, we can brainstorm about what the new technology can do for your business and how to create added value for you.

There is no charge for the inspiration session.
Workshop Alternate Reality

Workshop Alternate Reality

During a workshop, we work out the ideas of the inspiration session in further detail. We go over which technology is most suitable for your project and what is technically and financially feasible. The end result is an agreed framework for a proof of concept (PoC).

The length of a workshop can be tailored to your requirements – from a few hours to an entire day.

Project design Alternate Reality

Project design Alternate Reality

On the basis of the results of the workshop, we work with you on designing your mixed reality project. We wish to emphasize that we have no hardware affiliations, and build all software on the Microsoft Mixed Reality Platform.

This guarantees continuity of support for your created software.

Would you like a no-obligation inspiration session? Do you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us? Please let us know:

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