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Stay future fit with the Innovation workshop

Innovation is currently one of the most popular buzzwords. It is often presented as the holy grail and is drummed into us so often that it can actually cause us to become anxious. What, then, should you do with it and where exactly does the added value lie for your business?

With the Innovation Workshop, we bridge the gap between the abstract and the concrete. We provide a voice for everything associated with innovation. We inform and inspire people about innovation and we focus on developments in your industry. We dive into your ecosystem to identify opportunities and develop them into valuable ideas. We then take a close look at these ideas to gain insight into feasibility, costs and planning.

FabLab Innovation Services

Technology as a response

We are convinced that any long-term strategy can be supported by technology. We can actively embrace a world in which digital thinking is seamlessly integrated into our lives and is a mindset we all share. Each time we face a problem, we should think about how technology can help us find the solution.

Some organizations launch one initiative after the other without looking back. Others become paralyzed by the uncertainty they are facing and don’t do anything at all. How do you decide on where to invest and where not to invest?

En route to a successful innovation implementation

We developed a process to study, analyze and evaluate such decisions. The outcome is a clear Innovation Roadmap with specific insights, feasible opportunities and well-considered next steps. Our approach is well planned out and takes into account the context in which you operate.

Steps towards success

In the first step, the inspire phase, we exchange knowledge related to the domain and technology. We involve all stakeholders and take into account your strategy and business needs. Realdolmen innovation experts provide insight into relevant innovative technologies, such as the Internet of Things, chatbot, blockchain and AR/VR. Your key stakeholders then explain your vision and ongoing challenges in order to find common ground together.

During the ideation phase, these potential opportunities are turned into ideas. Some ideas are selected based on predetermined criteria and priorities for further development. During the validation phase, an idea is worked on by developing it further as a prototype. This prototype is presented to the stakeholders and their response is used to make further adjustments.

The result is a detailed idea with insights into various areas. That idea can be developed further, included in an Innovation Roadmap or ultimately discarded for well-founded reasons. This entire path is based on the design-thinking methodology. We design a method for your specific challenge with a series of tools and techniques selected to make the project succeed.

Tailor-made intensity

Each innovation process we complete in this way is tailored to the customer. Only interested in trying out the potential opportunities right now or would you prefer to develop various prototypes? The level of intensity is entirely up to you. We have developed three modules that serve as a guideline. The names of these modules are indicative of their level of intensity. All three modules contain the inspiration, ideation and implementation segments, but the emphasis is different in each case.

The modules



Inspire me

Focuses on inspiration and establishes a number of possible ideas without developing them into more detailed, in-depth prototypes. It creates clarity when dealing with an endless range of technological possibilities, and you can assess what certain options can do for you.



Spot an opportunity

Builds on Spark and takes the time required to develop and test a prototype. You know the direction you want to take and you are eager to test out your ideas. An action plan takes shape.



Tackle a bigger challenge

Offers the opportunity to tackle a greater challenge. We work with several related ideas and deliver a storyboard with elaborate prototypes that clearly indicate their feasibility. This amounts to full-scale preparation for a larger innovation project that gives you everything you need to make a successful start.


Non-stop inspiration

Technology is constantly in motion. If you do not wish to lose the leading position you worked so hard to achieve, it is crucial to be aware of this and to stay up to date with developments.

That is precisely why you can choose to continue an innovation process rather than allow it to end. We offer long-term support on a subscription basis. This enables you to participate in a range of up-to-date innovation deep dive sessions to further immerse yourself in a particular technology.

Our focus is also on a living community. We give you the opportunity to regularly meet experts at events, such as our monthly Innovation Thursdays, which enable you to discuss current developments and exchange knowledge.

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