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Innovating and improving the customer experience is a team effort. Co-creation is the key word here. Collaboration between stakeholders, technical architects, developers, designers and customers is incredibly inspiring and makes it possible to gain insights into every aspect of the challenge. The creative energy and ideas that result from bringing a diverse group together often leads to highly innovative solutions, and is highly beneficial for the growth of the organization.

Our handy and easy-to-use templates can be used at any stage of (digital) innovation to co-create. For additional information or support on how to make the most of these templates, please contact our experts.


What can you expect? Eight professionally designed templates that you can use straight away. We will also send you some guidelines so that you know exactly when and how to use them to get the best results. Good luck!

  • Context Map Canvas
  • Innovation Focus Canvas
  • Product Vision Board
  • Customer Journey Canvas
  • Brainwriting Canvas
  • Now How Wow Canvas
  • Napkin Sketch
  • Elevator Pitch

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Design Thinking as an underlying pool of ideas

Design Thinking is a framework for us to implement your digital strategy. The backbone of this consists of five logical steps, which are not necessarily sequential but can also be carried out in parallel or iteratively.

Understanding the context, defining the problem, agreeing ideas and solutions, experimenting using prototypes, and testing the solutions with the end users.

The process aims to bring about improvements by developing ideas and by gaining insight in a positive way into the unmet, unexpressed or even unconscious needs of end users. Each of the steps helps to define the right objectives and generate new ideas, and helps organizations to translate these into specific products, services or applications.

Each of the phases within Design Thinking also has its own set of tools and workshops that can support project teams in achieving their goals. The templates, which you can request here, are part of this.