Microsoft Solutions
A Strategic Partnership

Microsoft Solutions

A Strategic Partnership

Biggest range of Microsoft services in Belgium

As one of Microsoft’s main partners in Belgium, Realdolmen offers the full range of Microsoft services. Microsoft is a strategic partner for us and our customers in the automation of sales, production, HR, administration and IT infrastructure, among other things. Optimal integration of these processes enables us to create added value and gain new insights. It means we can help our customers achieve maximum benefit from their investments.

Roadmaps to strategic goals

Together with Microsoft, we’re investing in knowledge and expertise in the Modern Workplace, Data & AI, Business Applications, and Apps & Infrastructure. Our advisors draw up roadmaps for each component, to help customers set priorities and reach strategic goals, and Realdolmen provides expert guidance for this too. You can read more about our audits and roadmaps here.


Convincing and independent partner… of the year

We’re convinced by the strategic choices that Microsoft makes in each of the four domains, which are important components of the innovative solutions we develop as an independent partner. If necessary we work with best-of-breed, because that’s one of Microsoft’s major assets: integration is the norm rather than an exception.

Microsoft recognised our efforts in innovation and expertise in its technologies with the Country Partner of the Year award in 2017. This serves as confirmation that we work hand in hand to ensure success for customers: 'To get there, together’.

Realdolmen is Microsoft Partner of the year 2017

Modern Workplace

The modern workplace includes all the office applications you can integrate with other business software. Microsoft Office 365 provides the impetus for the entire organisation to collaborate better, including via phone, video and instant messaging. We guide you to our engaged workplace one step at a time using a business productivity roadmap. This guarantees a modern, digital work environment that always works and is always secure.


Some components:

  • Office 365: office and collaboration software in the cloud
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite: security for the modern workplace

Read more about our productivity roadmap here

Visit our engaged workplace

Discover how we can provide optimum security for your new workplace

Business Applications

Business applications are the applications used for sales and customer management (CRM) and operational management (ERP). We specialise in both these core Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, and have the largest competence centre in Belgium. We have also expanded our expertise further with some crucial add-ons to help you work more efficiently, e.g. for marketing automation, e-mail archiving and sales monitoring.

In operational management, we have a strong range of personnel administration tools and support for maintenance engineers. Dynamics 365 for Talent supports almost the full range of personnel management tools, and Dynamics 365 for Field Service provides digital support for teams of twenty mobile engineers or more. We have also developed HospitalAX, an ERP tool for hospitals, for the healthcare sector.

Strategic approach

This software is essential for companies’ commercial success. At Realdolmen we don’t consider these transitions to be IT projects but rather business projects. We start with a readiness analysis and then draw up a roadmap – from databases to infrastructure – to reach the intended goal. Customers can rely on change management services to help employees adapt to the change easily during this process. We also have an education centre where all our customers can follow Dynamics training.

Some components:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement: CRM application for good management of customer services, field services or sales
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 operations: ERP application for the optimisation of HR processes, automation of administration (e.g. in healthcare) and technical team support

Read more about Traviata CRM for Insurance here

Read more about Single View Builder for a 360° view of customers

Discover Sales Journey Assistant, our add-on for scheduling visits more efficiently

Read more about HospitalAX, our automation software for hospitals

Apps and Infrastructure

Applications are increasingly being decentralised – for example in Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has understood that customers want their costs to be variable and so has opted, like us, for the public and chiefly hybrid cloud. The Microsoft Azure platform-as-a-service building blocks provide the perfect link between applications to create a ‘connected company’ with accelerated digitisation. We can also support customers with the automation of helpdesks and conversion to software-as-a-service thanks to Microsoft Azure.

Azure cloud also functions very well as a complement to or replacement of data centre infrastructure, including for enterprise protection: together with Microsoft we take care of disaster recovery, high availability, back-up and archiving. Our customers can also count on hybrid monitoring of their infrastructure with Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite.

We take care of identity management, too: setting up a secure environment with password policies and multi-factor authentication via Azure. Protection isn’t limited to network or application security; with Microsoft we go a step further to protect users – most hacks are after all a misuse of identity.

Some components:

  • Microsoft Azure PaaS: for Service Bus, API management between applications, Logic Apps and Chatbot
  • Microsoft Azure IaaS: for user identification via Active Directory, storage, networking and server infrastructure

Download our Cloud Roadmap

Comprehensive protection starts with the individual



Data and Artificial Intelligence

Companies create lots of data with their software, sensors, machines and social media. New insights can be gained, and opportunities and actions defined, if this data is properly organised, filtered, and held up to the light. When you embed this process in all business processes, you get a data-driven organisation that creates added value.

Realdolmen applies this vision both horizontally and vertically in specialist areas such as finance, HR, marketing and sales, and sectors such as insurance, healthcare and industry. Realdolmen and Microsoft work together closely to guide and support organisations in this vision.

Some examples:

Data-Driven Marketing & Sales

Sales and marketing is particularly suitable for digitisation, and not just for marketing automation and lead qualification: with Azure Machine Learning we compare similar customers and discover new opportunities. Large customer databases make this nurturing impossible manually. We visualise these new insights with PowerBI.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

We obtain real-time data from machines for our industrial customers, including from older machines which weren’t designed for this, by linking them to intelligent technology. You can compare this data with reference data to gain new insights and spot potential anomalies straight away. This creates new specialist areas such as predictive maintenance, supply chain & productivity monitoring, and demand forecasting to correctly align production with demand.

Some components:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: combining Dynamics 365 with ClickDimensions, Azure Machine Learning and PowerBI benchmarks and improves marketing and sales efficiency.
  • Microsoft Azure: we collect industrial data in Eventhub, gain intelligence from it with Azure Stream Analytics, and visualise it with PowerBI. All in real time and mobile.

Download our Business Productivity Roadmap here

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