Single View Builder

Single View Builder

360° Single View of your customer


Sales and Marketing have every reason to know their customers as well as possible. This rule already applied in the product-led period, but even more so today in the age of customer centricity.  Today customers expect the supplier to know and understand their needs and always be available for them. If we as customers give an insight into our personal data, then we also want a comprehensive service and 'ease of doing business' in return.

The 360-degree customer view is a prerequisite for companies to be successful today and in the future. The sooner a supplier is visible during the customer journey, the greater the chance of successful contact. A strong CRM tool helps you to get to know your (potential) customers better than they know themselves and to offer them a tailored response. Tools that Realdolmen has in its portfolio. "You must give customers the feeling that you know them better than they know themselves, and always be there for them. Realdolmen's Single View Builder, developed on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, is a powerful and user-friendly tool for this. It gathers information about customers and prospects from their click behavior to favorites and reproduces this information in color-coded graphs.

The 360-degree customer view is essential for being successful in the market. Single View Builder is a powerful tool for capturing the DNA of customers and prospects.

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Video - Single View Builder

Build your own 360° Single View of your customer on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 while saving time and improving user experience.