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Successful digital collaboration

Engaged workplace

Successful digital collaboration is part of our Engaged Workplace offering.

More and more organizations have to collaborate regularly with partners, authorities and third parties. Silos within companies are being broken down, and cross-functional teams are the norm. And if all that were not enough, in our ever more globalized world, there is also international collaboration. While organizations are trying to reduce their communication costs, they also want to communicate more, in different ways and faster. With virtual meetings instead of on-site meetings, they can save not just the costs of flights and hotels, but gain a lot of time as well. This way of working clearly offers plenty of benefits. But it also brings some new challenges. Realdolmen has solutions for these.

Succesfull digital collaboration


  • Simple but secure collaboration with external contacts and companies.
  • Shared availability information to make it easier to contact each other.
  • Quality online meetings with the same functionality as a live meeting.
  • Company information and news presented in a centrally accessible location.

A selection of our solutions

Efficient meetings

Using Groups and Teams, you can collaborate efficiently with your project partners outside the company. With a history of conversations, OneNote and OneDrive team site keep a trace of every step along the path of collaboration. You stay up-to-date with all the planned meetings by using a shared calendar.

Skype for Business | Exchange | SharePoint

Collaborating with people outside the company

More and more companies regularly have to collaborate with partners, authorities and third parties. This often takes the form   of projects where a team is assembled to deliver the project successfully. Realdolmen provides solutions for collaborating simply and securely on documents. Today, IT often has to deal with Shadow IT: employees using unapproved tools like Dropbox, Gmail and even Facebook to share files with external colleagues.

SharePoint Online | Microsoft Office | Office Mobile Apps

Reduce your communication costs

While organizations want to reduce their communication costs, they also want to communicate faster and in different ways with customers, and be accessible to them in order to do business more efficiently. This means doing more with less by making use of new technologies to streamline processes, and using new channels to communicate rapidly and efficiently with customers. Skype for Business provides the means to reduce costs and eliminate over-complicated technologies and/or processing. In addition, it offers additional options, such as virtual meetings.

Skype for Business | Cloud PBX | Surface Hub | Polycom video room systems

Connecting with experts

Today, it is a simple matter to work within a cross-functional team in order to tackle customer issues quickly and efficiently. With Delve, for example, you can easily track down the people and information that are most able to help. With Microsoft Teams, you can easily search for previous conversation threads about similar issues, or add people in. You can collect best practices in OneNote, the digital notebook that is always ready to hand. With Planner, you are then in a position to define a customer response plan.

Delve | Microsoft Teams | OneNote | Planner

Communicating news

You can communicate important changes across the whole company with a personal touch, and encourage feedback. This way, you get an insight into how employees react, so that you can ensure that they feel involved and remain loyal to the organization and the brand.

SharePoint Online | Skype for Business | Yammer | Sway

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