Digital business processes and workflows - SharePoint | Nintex | Rflow

Digital business processes and workflows

Engaged Workplace
Digital business processes and workflows - SharePoint | Nintex | Rflow

Digital business processes form a part of the Realdolmen Engaged Workplace offering.

You only reap the rewards of “the digital workplace” once the internal business processes and work processes are also digitalized. Until you have access from anywhere to the documents or the information that makes you have to attend meetings in person, you will not be getting the maximum benefit from your digital workplace – even if you have the fanciest tablets, the fastest mobile Internet connection and perfectly secure access to the company network. By using digital processes, you can access valuable information rapidly and easily. You can also easily send and receive data to others who work in your sector, partners, investors, customers and even to end users.

A selection of our solutions

Automation of forms

When something is done automatically, it is normally faster. Usually this translates into less waiting time for approvals, or even better, less hoops to jump through to achieve the same thing. If both the form and the process are digitalized, then you can expect significant gains in time and greater efficiency. In addition, Realdolmen’s solution ensures that forms look well laid out not only on a screen, but also on mobile devices. Ideal for mobile employees who want to submit a declaration form by smartphone or tablet, for example.

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ISO 9001 Document Control Framework (QMS)

Realdolmen also offers solutions for the quality control department in your organization. We can help you set up a quality document repository (quality manual) in a SharePoint environment. The key topics included in this, and needed to pass a quality audit are approval workflow, version control, policies, role-based security, search function, context targeting, reporting function and the option to improve things through corrective and preventative actions.


Digitalize paper

Would you also like to see information that today is only available on paper become available digitally, and be able to be used by other applications to help support decision-making? If so, Rflow offers you a solution. Rflow is a state-of-the-art data digitalization and archiving solution, with extensive search capabilities, intelligent OCR and a workflow engine. It can also be integrated with many different applications. Once the data can be retrieved automatically from your documents, you can start adding in your ERP and other CRM and ECM systems. Rflow has a web application so that any user can search for data using a portal interface.



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