Intelligent Marketing Automation

Intelligent Marketing Automation

Make your marketing smarter, better performing and more cost efficient

As a marketer, you are always looking for ways to gain insight into your customers. You want to provide them with personalized info that is customized to their needs, at the right moment so they can make the right decisions. You want to see what they open, what they ignore and what they read or view with great interest. Because that's how you turn seekers into happy customers.

You want to roll out campaigns rapidly and intuitively that respond to the information needs of your customers, taking into account their customer history and interests. You want to pull in more relevant leads, refine your re-marketing process in detail and above all, be able to quickly change gears when necessary, while getting maximum results out of your budget.

Data plays a steadily increasing role here. When you can keep perfect track of what your customers have read or viewed, how they came to you, what they purchased before and what they are looking for, you can personally guide every customer in a targeted fashion.

Choose Intelligent Marketing Automation with Realdolmen, and enhance the intelligence within your organization

Centrally manage your customer data

Centrally manage your customer data and gain more insight into their purchasing process
increase the ROI of your marketing

Find more relevant customers and increase the ROI of your marketing
Build intelligent campaigns

Build intelligent campaigns with personalized content for your customers
Automate campaigns

Automate campaigns and guide your customers through every step
future proof solution

Choose a future proof solution and bolster your competitive position
better decisions and more growth

Turn data and insight into better decisions and more growth
Finetune your campaigns

Finetune your campaigns while they are still running and see the immediate effect
personal dashboards

Create personal dashboards and analyze your performance in real-time

How does it work ?

To make your marketing more intelligent and efficient, Realdolmen offers you a combination of 3 tools that seamlessly complement each other. Our solution enables you to develop smart automated campaigns, with personalized content, based on detailed data, with the necessary tools to analyze everything and produce clear reports.

Do you already use a CRM solution? Or do you already have tools for your marketing environment? 

We integrate your tools with this high-performance comprehensive solution.

3 building blocks for intelligent marketing automation

3 building blocks, one intelligent, comprehensive solution


Easily manage your data in one central location

  • Compile all data about your customers and your business in one system
  • Make the right decisions based on the right data, every time
  • Perfectly integrated applications that seamlessly complement each other
  • Choose from a range of applications that can help you with any challenge
  • Enhance your insight into your processes, sales and customers through intelligent data
  • Easily customize your applications with little or no code
more about our CRM solutions
Marketing automation

Automate your campaigns with customized content

  • Automate your marketing with tools that seamlessly complement your CRM solution
  • Develop campaigns with customized content that guide your customers through every step of the purchasing process
  • Centrally manage campaigns with mailings, social media and landing pages
  • Make simple, attractive surveys that provide you more insight into your customers and their level of satisfaction
  • Increase the ROI of your marketing efforts by making your campaigns smarter and more efficient
  • Evaluate what does or doesn't work at a glance, and make adjustments with immediate effects
data intelligence

Because knowledge is power

  • Enhance your Business Intelligence within your organization with the best analytics tools 
  • Immediately turn your CRM, ERP¨and marketing data into attractive reports and detailed plans
  • Create personal dashboards that compile and provide data in an organized way
  • Analyze your results in real time for a faster, more targeted response when necessary
  • Give your employees access to the reports they need and manage their rights in a secure environment
  • Seamlessly combine data from Excel with Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, your Oracle or MySQL database and SharePoint

This is how we guide you to your intelligent marketing automation solution:

This is how we guide you to your intelligent marketing automation solution:

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