Guessing is risky, and knowledge is power

Guessing is risky, and knowledge is power

30 May 2018

Big Data
Intelligent Marketing Automation

From black box to crystal clear

Marketing is subject to technological progress, just like all other aspects of your business. These innovations create impressive opportunities for segmentation, personalization and automation, but also insight. These days, data plays a crucial role before, during and after the launch of your marketing campaign. And that data provides insight.

Thanks to the rise of modern marketing tools, integration with CRM systems and an increasing focus on data, analytics and efficiency, marketing has changed for good. Marketing used to invest in campaigns that were based on experience and assumptions and difficult to assess. Those times are now safely in the past. So are blame games between Marketing and Sales after disappointing results, thankfully. These days, any campaign can be measured. And that now goes further than just assigning a pass or fail at the end. Technology allows us to continuously assess all our marketing efforts and adjust them as required.

Guessing is risky, and knowledge is power

This evolution is a revolution, plain and simple. By investing today in an integrated environment with the right tooling, enterprises can rapidly make their marketing more efficient, smarter and above all, more successful. Ineffective channels, messages or visuals are detected immediately and adapted on the fly. That way, enterprises increase the ROI of every penny spent on marketing and gain valuable insights into their market, their proposition and their customers too. Insights they can then apply to all subsequent campaigns.

From a pile of bricks to a solid structure

Simply investing in a marketing automation tool or an extra application won't solve everything. You can end up with all the necessary bricks for a promising structure, but no mortar. After all, a marketing environment's usefulness depends on the integration, on how things hang together. You must employ customer data from your CRM efficiently and intelligently, in campaigns launched using marketing tools. In turn, you use the data resulting from those campaigns to enrich your CRM system, and a well integrated Business Intelligence tool gives you clear reports and dashboards to provide real-time insights.

Do you have access to measurable marketing yet?

Realdolmen helps enterprises achieve perfectly integrated marketing environments for improved insight, higher ROI and greater impact. 

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