Big Data

Big Data

Are you already benefiting from Big Data?

Just for sales and marketing?

The amount of digital data we’re generating just keeps growing and growing. Now we’re gradually realising how best to store this data, we need to start asking ourselves what we can do with it. Lots of companies haven’t yet realised how much added value this big data offers. Marketing and sales departments are recognising the benefits, but even they haven’t been taking advantage of all the opportunities on offer for very long.

Wealth of information

And that’s not possible yet either, because the real step to big data only comes when it’s coupled with the breakthrough of the Internet of Things (IoT), which will only happen in around the year 2020. That’s when the potential of big data from the influx of information and data from wearables and connected devices will fully come into its own. Everything and everyone will be generating and passing on a wealth of information through sensors. So it will all boil down to how to analyse all this information correctly.

Technology predicts the future

We humans used to analyse the gathered data to glean information, but we’re in an age now where computers can actually make predictions based on this data. The next step is that technology will take the lead and decide its own course of action based on its own predictions. In terms of big data, we’re moving from a descriptive analysis (description of the situation) to a predictive analysis (making forecasts) and finally a prescriptive analysis (recommended actions).

End-to-end custom package

Storing and structuring huge amounts of data is one of our strengths. The challenge comes from correlating various data sources. Our customers need a partner who can combine data sets and understand how the whole process fits together. There aren’t any standard packages for this; every process is different. Realdolmen’s strength comes from its ability to deliver end-to-end custom packages.

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