No More 'One Size Fits All'

No More 'One Size Fits All'

25 April 2018

Big Data
Intelligent Marketing Automation

Marketing has long outgrown traditional channels such as TV, radio and print. Today's marketers find themselves firmly in the middle of an era where powerful, well informed customers directing all marketing decisions is the norm. 

Getting personal

The days when consumers were happy to have a one-size-fits-all solution belong to the past. Previously, marketers did not have the opportunity to respond to individual needs, now all storylines are available to fill a sheet per customer. Each company had better start writing diligently because potential buyers expect that you know what they want. Today's consumers are pampered. When they search for a hotel where they can take a well deserved break, each web page they encounter has relevant and enticing options. They also receive emails suggesting products based on their prior purchases. Potential buyers now expect you to know their preferences. 

All marketers must focus on the consumer, and all marketing initiatives must be created for and relate to the person who is purchasing the product or service. The ultimate challenge is to personalize each and every bit of content we share with our consumers.  

Know your Customer

We usually use a range of methods to communicate things to various people in our daily lives as well. Here's an example: you want to go on a city trip. To convince your traveling companions to come, you'll need to address their personal wishes and expectations. To your one friend, you emphasize how great the weather is. Another friend is more likely to appreciate the rich culture. You automatically adapt your story to the person with whom you are talking. To create all these personal messages, you must first know the recipients.

To really get to know someone, you need access to personal information from multiple areas. What you want is a 360° view of your customers. You begin by collecting big data, which is then used to determine the customer journey and requirements. You use data analysis to search for patterns and insights. You need the latter to predict customers' preferences and desires. Only when these elements are understood can you make targeted offers and create engaging experiences.

Do you already know your customer through and through?

Does your marketing team already have access to the complete portfolio of tools necessary to deliver the type of groundbreaking experiences expected and required by today's modern, advanced customers? Realdolmen helps you find and implement the best solution.

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