Sales, Service and Marketing (CRM)
Customer management tailored to your company

Sales, Service and Marketing (CRM)

Customer management tailored to your company

Focus on your customers with CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has long since stopped being just a system for monitoring your sales team. Over recent years more and more focus has been placed on the customers, and companies have realised how important software is for improving customer relations. Issues such as service management, field management and social CRM play a crucial role. And this is where companies can run into a brick wall, because most IT systems aren’t sufficiently personalised and don’t work on all devices. We can help you with this – before you know it you could be taking comments from Twitter into account before sending out personalised emails.

Intelligent customer engagement

Taking the step to a personalised CRM system doesn’t happen overnight. We don’t use a single standard package for all our customers, but develop a unique concept together with you to satisfy specific expectations. The first stage is to start a dialogue in which we listen carefully to what you need. Then, once the project has been completed, we can continue to help you with IT outsourcing, a helpdesk, support services and/or a service contract. So you can count on your CRM system being fully functional and up-to-date at all times.

Satisfied customers

It is obvious that a CRM software package is an important tool for customer-oriented operations. A well-functioning CRM system will not only increase customer satisfaction thanks to a personal approach. Once your customers have provided their information, it also avoids them to repeat this action over and over again. Besides, the huge quantity of information available is not disseminated all over the company, but centralized in one single system, thus allowing departments such as Sales & Marketing to work more efficiently and creating an exceptional customer-experience.

Satisfied employees

In order to optimize your customer relations, you do not only need a software package. A customer-oriented approach has also to be supported by people. And this is only possible when your employees have the required motivation to use the new CRM application. The “what’s in it for me”-principle is crucial at that stage. Your employees have to be aware of the utility and the advantage, otherwise even the most successful CRM implementation can fail to meet its objective: more and satisfied customers thanks to a customer-oriented approach. We are convinced that a CRM project can only be successful when not only the technical part, but also the human part is designed, executed and supported successfully. Click here for our vision on change trajectories and our long expertise as far as Training, User Adoption and Change Management is concerned.

We know your sector

Every organisation needs its own CRM system; there isn’t any one-size-fits-all. That’s why we combine all our experience and knowledge per sector, such as healthcare or banking and insurance. This enables us to work in a customised way for each industry, and we use this expertise when consulting with customers in their respective domains. 

Step by step to a profitable CRM

Taking the step to switch to a personalised CRM system doesn’t happen overnight. The first step is to enter into a dialogue where we listen carefully to what you need. You will find information about Realdolmen’s ‘CRM Readiness Programme’ in this folder. Take some time to read through it carefully. It could save you a lot of time and money.

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