From Milkman to Milkbot

From Milkman to Milkbot

3 May 2018

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Intelligent Marketing Automation

We sometimes think that life was so much easier in the old days: less stressful choices, no social media pressure and a more relaxed pace of life. One thing we used to have back in the day was milkmen. We miss someone taking the trouble to bring their products to our door. While we may no longer require milk to be brought to our doorstep, we want personal attention from brands more than ever. 

A New Door, A New Opportunity

Though milkmen may seem like a static concept from the past, their sales approach was dynamic enough to make many of today's companies jealous. Each new door received its own sales pitch based on information about the customer's previous purchases. Milkmen also had their entire inventory to hand and could respond to customer desires on the spot. To open new doors, today's marketing teams should strive to achieve the same adaptability and rapid reaction times as was the norm back then. How can you achieve that, though?

Connected Everywhere and Always

Marketers are looking for the products and platforms required to transform their business into a customer-focused company, while also enabling employees to respond to that same customer's needs virtually without delay. The concept of recording data is definitely here to stay as well, but this practice is only useful if it is linked to insight and used as a basis for appropriate action.

To remain competitive, the best strategy is to create responsive teams that can rapidly process information and customer requests. Marketers are increasingly turning to the cloud, as it enables them to create a flexible environment for everyone to collaborate on key projects and efficiently streamline campaigns. In a world where the idea of '9 to 5' is starting to disappear, marketers must be able to stay connected and collaborate anywhere and at any time.

The ultimate goal is to evolve into a sort of (milk)bot that automatically responds to any customer request. Linking data-generated insight to artificial intelligence can create unparalleled, unique and compelling brand experiences for customers. ‘Automated delivery’ of messages can be fine-tuned until it feels like a personal conversation. Achieving this requires an unprecedented level of cooperation, efficiency and insight.

Do you already have the necessary insights?

Does your marketing team already have access to the complete portfolio of tools necessary to deliver the type of groundbreaking experiences expected and required by today's modern, advanced customers? Realdolmen helps you find and implement the best solution.

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