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Opt for Both-And More Thinking, Even in Times of Crisis

Specific solutions to fit your challenges in the time of COVID-19

How do you continue to create added value for your customers and employees, even in a crisis? By crossing borders – borders between customers, employees and technologies. We use our Digital Flow vision to seek out those both/and situations.

We've provided an overview of various specific digital processes and systems that can help you conquer the challenges posed by a crisis.

Technology, Your Business and Customers

Digital Booster Workshop

Digitalization is the new normal. Are you prepared? Do you have a clearly defined strategy that allows you to keep up with the new reality, or even to stay one step ahead? Create a powerful, realistic action plan to help define the new normal for your customers, staff and organization.

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Chatbot Head Start

A chatbot is the tool you need to keep your (minimum) service provision towards customers and employees on point. We offer a temporary package that includes all licensing and hosting costs for the first three months.

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customer experience

Technology, Your Organization and Employees

Teams Jumpstart

Teleworking is the norm, and digital collaboration is essential. In this context, many companies want to get started quickly with an online tool that allows teams to work together. This quick-start program provides you with a basic setup that allows you to get going with online meetings, chat and calls in no time. The necessary guidance and support is also provided.

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Virtual Training Courses

For many people, using Teams or other collaboration tools for the first time isn't that straightforward. Optimal use won't be achieved until the end users have learned their way around the tool. We now offer a variety of virtual training courses to meet this need.

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employee experience

Digital Workplace

The classic desk in an office environment has ceased to be the norm for many employees. Give your employees the right tools to optimize performance under current working conditions and simplify your workplace's operational management.

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Disinfectable Devices

Some workplaces make use of shared devices. These objects require great care with regard to hygiene and disinfection. To be able to work without worries and virus-free, devices must be cleaned several times a day.

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Power Lab

Easily automate routine tasks and paper processes. You have endless possibilities: develop by yourself (or with our help) your own app that supports you in times of Corona. Consider, for example, a checklist app that indicates which hygiene measures  must be taken on the basis of a specific location. Or feed in a simply way a virtual agent who informs people about specific Corona-related topics.

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Let’s Get Inspired: Practical Examples of a Both/And More Digital Attitude

Below we've included some powerful cases that we've accomplished recently by bringing together technology, business and people to create tremendous added value.

How can we help you?

Let us know what challenges you are facing and together we will look at how we can evolve towards a win/win situation.

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