Microsoft optimizes Teams for working from home

Microsoft optimizes Teams for working from home during these challenging times

11 June 2020

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Teams, marketed as the hub for teamwork in Office 365, was already Microsoft's fastest growing business application ever. Moreover, people have been teleworking in bulk in recent weeks due to the coronavirus crisis. As a result, the use of Teams has increased to such an extent that Microsoft has already had to take measures to create extra capacity for the popular collaboration tool. The question therefore arises: what is it exactly that makes Teams so interesting for people working from home?

In the technology sector, prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, one in three employees (33%) occasionally worked at home. In the course of last March, that number doubled to two in three employees (62%), according to a recent survey by technology federation Agoria among 190 technology companies. In the digital industry, which is leading in this field and in which Realdolmen is also active, the number of teleworkers was already quite high at 65% before the crisis. But in our industry, too, that share has now risen even further to 92%.

Working from home with Teams

Getting the most out of working from home

The fact that companies have encouraged their employees to work from home as much as possible as part of the fight against the Coronavirus has everything to do with this. But working from home assumes that you literally have all the necessary tools to do so.

And it seems that in recent weeks, many companies have found those tools in Microsoft Teams: a virtual, shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files and work with business apps, among other things. What's more, you can easily switch from a chat session to a phone or video call and even to a group call. You can read a short review by our technology expert here

This partially explains why Microsoft saw the use of meeting and (video) calling functions in Teams increase by approximately 500% in a spectacularly short period of time. The same goes for the use of Teams on mobile devices, for which Microsoft recorded an increase of about 200%.

Extra capacity

In order to avoid overloading its coveted collaboration platform, especially in the current precarious circumstances, Microsoft has already limited some non-essential functions in Office 365. In this way, the supplier wants to create new capacity for Teams. The popularity of Teams means that the number of users of Office 365 has also risen in recent weeks. As Teams is part of that familiar desktop suite, built-in applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint enable team members to collaborate better on files.

The major advantage of Office 365 is that these applications are also constantly up-to-date, so that you can always work with the latest version. In addition, you can easily add other Microsoft applications or applications from other suppliers to your work environment ensuring it's fully customizable. Another advantage is that all communication and collaboration services in Teams, just like Office 365, are based on Microsoft Cloud. As a result, team members can access the applications they need to create, edit and share files anytime, anywhere.

Out of the starting blocks

Many users, including those in companies, were already working with Office 365, but until recently did not know that Teams was a permanent part of the popular office suite. Or they did know, but hadn't really studied or tried out its possibilities yet. That's why they didn't know that they could use Teams to start video conferencing almost immediately. Today's disturbing current events mean we all need to take this kind of solution very seriously.


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Do you want to start working with Teams in your organization, but don't know how to start? With our Teams Quickstart we provide a basic setup that allows you to start immediately with online meetings, chat and calls. The necessary guidance and support is also provided. We now also organize virtual training sessions, full of tips & tricks, for both starters and more advanced Teams users.Click here for an overview and more information.

Following the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft is offering Teams for 6 months free of charge as part of their Office 365 E1 Trial program. Contact our experts at Of course, you can also contact your regular Realdolmen account manager about this. 

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