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Action valid until the end of November 2020.

We have had both feet firmly planted in the digital era for a while now. That's a good thing, too, as digital technologies have allowed us to keep many things running despite the current crisis situation. For instance, we are able to provide (limited) services to customers even now.

Your customers are probably full of questions about your services or the state of their orders… This is an additional burden on employees, at a time when they are already working hard to adapt to new circumstances. That's if your employees are still working at all. Who can customers still turn to for answers?

Have you considered a chatbot?

A chatbot is a digital solution that uses digital technology to create added value; for your company, your customers and your employees. It's an easy and user-friendly gateway to every bit of information that people may want or need. It enables you to handle any questions your customers or employees may have and to provide them with personal advice. It is a tremendous boost to the experience that all consumers and employees are seeking these days.

Companies are in the actively working out their "new normal" strategy. They are taking a restart, adapted to the changed context. A clear internal communication is really important in that stage. Employees have all kinds of questions such as "When can I come back to the office?" Or "What guidelines should I observe when contacting colleagues and customers?" It is very important to know what is really going on in the minds of people. A chatbot can have a supporting role in this regard:

  • All necessary information is available in one central place and questions are answered consistently. A central administration portal also helps to modify and adapt information quickly and efficiently if needed.
  • Available 24/7 to answer questions from employees. Thus, you are also available for your employees in case of limited accessibility or after working hours.
  • You have an immediate overview of all conversations and questions, allowing you to adjust very quickly and thus guaranteeing an optimal communication.
  • Employees do not have to search for information themselves. This saves them time and effort and unburdens them in a complex time. Making the right information available also helps you to guide them through the change process easier.

Discover affordable added value

We are firm believers in the added value of a chatbot in the current circumstances. Due to our conviction, we want as many companies as possible to achieve this potential. As an additional incentive, we would like to make you a special offer.

We are offering a temporary package that includes all licensing and hosting costs for the first three months. You pay for the smaller related expenses such as the setup, initial content, professional training & guidance and support for followup questions.

This can all be arranged remotely, of course; the cloud is our faithful ally here. Almost anyone will be capable of completing the necessary steps with our help; no technical background is required. Your company's IT department will just need to make a little time to integrate the chatbot into your website.

Benefits of a chatbot at a glance


Available 24/7

You're always available. Customers and/or employees can reach you for advice at any time.



Can be up and running in only a few days, depending on what content is already available (detailed FAQs, for instance).


Low cost

We take care of licensing and hosting costs for three months All you pay for is the time spent on the setup and follow-up support.

no strings attached

No strings attached

Crisis over? You can cancel your licence after three months at no additional cost.

Get a head start

We are happy to discuss what is possible in your specific situation, free of obligation. Together, we will determine the most suitable solution and implementation.

Want to learn more about chatbots and our view of them?

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