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Workplace as a Service

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Nowadays, you will see the term 'modern workplace' – also known as the digital workplace – everywhere you look. But what is it, and who needs it? It's actually very simple. The modern workplace is what an employee wants in order to achieve results in the way they wish to do so. The end-user's experience is extremely important. Simply fulfilling basic needs is a thing of the past. It's time to go a step further.

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Complete peace of mind

How can you meet your employees' high demands in terms of a technological workplace and keep it manageable for your IT staff, so they still have time to focus on your core business? Workplace as a Service provides an answer to all these challenges.

What does Workplace as a Service look like?

Workplace as a Service from Realdolmen gives your employees the right tools for maximum performance, while making the operational management of your workplace easier. Premium hardware, software and services for the next-gen digital workplace in an easy-to-use service model. Choose a package to suit you and easily scale up and down depending on your needs. Read more about the benefits and discover our different packages: from Basic to Innovative.

The route to Workplace as a Service in five easy steps

User profile

1. Create your user profile

We look at your employees' tasks, activities and needs. We then define five types of users: Fixed Desk, Road Warrior, Flex Desk, Field Technician and Performance Need.
Choose the devices and software for each type of user

2. Choose the devices and software for each type of user

Desk-centric or always on the go? Opt for cutting-edge devices from premium brands at top terms and conditions. Cloud-based Microsoft 365 applications ensure every employee has the right tools.
Select the service bundle best suited to each user profile

3. Select the service bundle best suited to each user profile

The service desk provided by Workplace as a Service creates breathing space for your IT department. In clear packages, opt for the right services and support for each type of user.
Transparent pricing

4. Transparent pricing

Only pay for the workplaces you have chosen and that you use.

5. Pay-as-you-use

You rent devices under a flexible pay-as-you-use model. Allow your workplaces to grow and shrink with your needs on a flexible basis.

Getting started with Workplace as a Service?

Contact our experts. They will work with you to analyze your needs and map out a solution that meets all requirements both in terms of your organization and your employees.

Our WpaaS partners

We offer the right devices for the different usage profiles with:
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