Digital Booster Workshop

Your digital action plan for the new normal

Any seemingly minor event can result in our waking to a new reality tomorrow. The only constant is change. A healthy dose of resilience is vital to make it in a world that is changing at lightning speed.

Digitisation is the new normal. Are you prepared?

  • How can you ensure an optimal customer experience in a rapidly changing digital landscape?
  • Does your business model still match reality?
  • Is your company there for your customers 24/7, even when you're closed?
  • Are you taking sufficient corporate social responsibility in the eyes of your customers?
  • Do you have a clearly defined strategy that allows you to keep up with the new reality, or even to stay one step ahead?

New challenges require new ideas

A new reality will have a major impact on your organization. Business as usual can offer a comforting, but dangerous feeling of security. Digital acceleration is essential to be able to cope with constantly changing environmental factors.

Create a powerful, realistic action plan to help define the new normal for your customers, staff and organization.

From concern to action plan in 4 small steps

Using four co-creation sessions of two hours at most, we will transform your challenges pragmatically into viable actions. The use of efficient, digital tools allows us to complete various workshops quickly and entirely online.

Define your business goals

We explore your context with all your key stakeholders. Where do your greatest challenges lie? What areas will we focus on?

Map your challenges

What issues and requirements are associated with those areas? Prioritization reveals the heart of the process.

Inspire to innovate

We stimulate each other through good examples, tools and best practices. We bring together ideas and practical solutions.

Visualize your action plan

We translate the ideas into a viable action plan. We use an impact/effort matrix to determine how we can work together to give your organization an immediate boost.

Act today to create a strategy for tomorrow

A rapidly changing world requires fast action. You can get to work on a practical, viable action plan today. Still, it doesn't do to forget the long term either. Well-established long-term relationships with customers will be much more resilient to temporary ups and downs. If you'd like to design a complete Customer Experience roadmap for the years ahead all in one go, we can do that too.

We believe in the importance of balanced activity; only then will digital acceleration be possible and sustainable. You can achieve this balance by establishing a good Digital Flow. A constant back-and-forth between today and tomorrow.


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