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What is good software worth if your end users are not able to utilize it efficiently or cannot work with it at all? To what degree will your own infrastructure meet the demands of your business if your system administrators do not evolve with the latest trends? To what degree will your own software meet the demands of your business if your developers do not evolve with the latest trends?

Realdolmen Education can offer a solution to this. We provide custom-made programs that enable us to bridge the gap between users and software and to align your developers and system administrators with the new developments in their field. These programs can be developed for standard packages such as Office and Windows, but also for custom-built applications. Our way of working, which is certified by ISO and Qfor, guarantees the training will be carefully organized right down to the last practical detail.  This gives your employees a unique ‘Learning as a Service’ experience, which will result in an optimal user adoption.

Instructor-led training (ILT)


We offer classroom training, to groups of ideally no more than eight students. A training session consists of a mix of conceptual explanations, and practical hands-on exercises. The proportion of the two differs in function of the subject of the training, but there is always a very intense interaction between the teacher and the participants.

eLearning projects

computer learning

We mainly focus on the creation of eLearning projects for custom made applications. We develop demonstration or interactive simulation modules. These modules can be placed on a SharePoint site, Internet or Intranet page. They can also be uploaded to an LMS (Learning Management System).

Technical Writing


We assist you with documentation in the form of hard copy, online documents, online help and quick start guides. We help to make your product usable, effective, and accepted by end-users. With good technical manuals, documentation and educational materials, you will reduce customer service calls, offer a value-added benefit to consumers, and establish credibility in the marketplace.

Realdolmen Education is the owner of the internal Translation Service, making sure that translated documents offer the best quality and consistent use of terms. Internal departments as Bid Office, Marketing, Managed Services and Education make extensive use of this service.

Change Management

Change Management for User Adoption

Often organizations do not achieve sufficient return on investment for new projects and major changes. Not because the final solution is not good, but because the change is not borne by the employees for which it was initially intended. Change Management can make a turnaround there. Change Management aims for user acceptance or User Adoption

    Other services

    In addition to these components, you can also contact us
    for other services related to our core activities:

    • Third party certification by
      • Prometric
      • Certiport
      • EXIN
      • PearsonVue
      • AutoDesk
    • Pre and post-screening through personal interviews,
      or by electronic questionnaires via the Internet.
    • Training consultation.
    • Train-the-trainer sessions
    • Development of email policies
    • Consultation, customization, and automation in the
      field of office administration.
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    Member of the Leading Learning Partner Association

    Realdolmen is the Belgian member of the Leading Learning Partner Association (LLPA). The LLPA is an organization joining leading training centres for business and IT skills, and which brings together the largest number of partners from Europe, Middle East and Africa. The LLPA positioned itself as the first choice for companies who need to educate their employees or partners at the international level. The association has 25 partners at the moment, and each of them is the leading training centre in their countries, from Iceland in the North to South African Republic in the South to Turkey and Russia in the East.









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