Automation doesn't happen all by itself

Automation doesn't happen all by itself

22 June 2018

Big Data
Intelligent Marketing Automation

The digital transformation has led to extensive digitalization and automation, and that includes marketing. We used to set up generic campaigns to reach specific groups of potential customers. Thanks to technological progress, we can now track individual customers more easily throughout the entire purchasing process. And we can currently automate most of that purchasing process as well. 

That's essential, as today's customers expect a personal message and opt for solutions that perfectly match their current needs. Individually tending to all those potential customers by hand from the first moment of contact until they're ready to buy is impossible. Setting up an intelligent, automated marketing environment doesn't happen all by itself, though.


The impact of an efficient, modern marketing environment can hardly be overstated. This allows for ultra-granular segmentation and finding more, higher relevancy leads than before. We can now assess those leads based on detailed data, and carefully chart their entire purchasing process: which content they consume at what time and what they are still seeking. We can then link that information with previous purchasing information, creating 360° insight into your customers. Campaigns can be easily adjusted on the fly, and the results are clear and measurable. You can closely track your marketing efforts using intelligent dashboards and clear reports.

Automation within an ecosystem

So, what does such a marketing environment require? For many enterprises, it seems like a huge step, but almost no-one starts from a blank page. For a solid, future proof marketing environment, it's crucial to focus on integration first and foremost. With improved coordination of your CRM, marketing tools and any Business Intelligence and analytics tools, the resulting ecosystem makes automation much simpler. And truly, that doesn't just benefit your Marketing department. Increased insight and improved intelligence also lead to much more efficient sales, a lighter administrative load, less operational demands and easier signaling of opportunities for cost optimization.

Are you ready for intelligent automated marketing?

Realdolmen helps enterprises achieve perfectly integrated marketing environments for improved insight, higher ROI and greater impact. Together, we explore what is required to transform your current environment into a more intelligent ecosystem to strengthen and automate your marketing.

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