City of Harelbeke introduces modern working methods and migrates to O365

City of Harelbeke introduces modern working methods and migrates to O365

Harelbeke is located in West Flanders. The city is situated along the Lys river and has a population of over 28,000. The IT environment for the municipal services was in need of thorough modernization.

New environment needed

Like many other organizations, Harelbeke maintained its own installation on the premises, with Outlook and Office operating on its own servers. It was high time for an overhaul and the GDPR requirements needed to be met. Many employees were installing applications on their own initiative to be able to collaborate and share documents with outside parties. That's a big no-no when you're working with privacy-sensitive data, of course. The initial assignment was to migrate all email to the cloud. Ultimately, joint consideration of the various possibilities led to a full migration of the Office365 package.

Frederik Hellyn

The advantages are no more server maintenance on our end, access to the latest versions of our office applications and a virtually unlimited storage capacity in the cloud.

Frederik Hellyn | ICT Manager @ City & OCMW Harelbeke

Ready for modern working methods

Harelbeke was also looking for an email registration system. Thanks to Microsoft Flow, they managed to build this themselves. Flow is an online platform that allows for the easy automation of business processes, without requiring extensive programming knowledge. Now Harelbeke has the necessary technology in place to introduce modern working methods securely and responsibly.

“Our collaboration with Realdolmen went very smoothly. We opted to do as much as possible ourselves. The great thing is, we can always turn to Realdolmen with any questions that crop up along the way.”

Frederik Hellyn, ICT Manager city & OCMW Harelbeke

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