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Microsoft Teams : the Tool of Tomorrow

16 March 2020

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By Tom Vanderstraeten, Modern Workplace Expert, Realdolmen

Microsoft is marketing Teams as the ideal hub for teamwork in Office 365. It's now the software giant's fastest growing corporate application ever. And for good reasons. As many reasons as Teams has features in fact. So says Tom Vanderstraeten, Teams Guru at Realdolmen.

In March of 2017, barely three years ago, Microsoft launched Teams, the new and improved successor to Microsoft Skype for Business. Only a year later, there were already three million teams in existence, spanning approximately 200,000 organizations. By halfway through last year, an impressive thirteen million users relied on Teams each day. This also meant Microsoft had overtaken Slack, their closest competitor. The number of people using Teams at least once a week even reached nineteen million.

Built-in Office 365 applications

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a virtual shared workspace for teams for chatting with one another, holding meetings, sharing files, using business apps and more. As Teams is part of Office 365, teams can use built-in applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint to work on files together even more easily.

Office 365's major advantage is that apps are always up to date, ensuring that you have access to the latest version at all times. In addition, it's easy customize your workspace with Microsoft applications or apps from other suppliers. Options include linking Teams to a chatbot or a CRM package.

Communication and Collobaration

Teams combines Microsoft's familiar desktop suite with the latest generation of communication and collaboration services, such as chat, online meetings and web conferencing. These allow you to communicate more efficiently and get your team aligned quickly.

Meeting in Teams

As chatting helps promote collaboration within teams, Microsoft Teams is chat-based by default. The application is not intended to replace email, which, after all, fosters different expectations as to response times. Teams makes it easy to switch rapidly from a chat session to a phone or video call, or even a group call.

Because all these communication and collaboration services are based on Microsoft Cloud, just like Office 365, team members can access the applications they need to create, work on and share files, anywhere and at any time.

End-to-end security

Last but not least, Microsoft Teams offers the capability to have everyone within your team or organization collaborate in a well-secured environment. However, this requires opting for Microsoft 365. This product bundle hit the market at the end of 2017 and combines Office 365 with Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security). The latter was developed by Microsoft explicitly to simplify and improve secure management of devices, data and users in Office 365. Thanks to EMS, employees can work securely on any device, anywhere and at any time.

And precisely because of that strong security, you can even invite members from outside your organization to join your team.

Want to find out more?

Interested in implementing Teams within your organization, but don't know where to start? Our MS Teams Jumpstart could well be the perfect solution. Our experts won't just ensure the smooth, secure integration of Teams into your environment, but can also help your employees reap the most benefits from this new functionality. Contact our experts by emailing You can also talk to your designated contact person at Realdolmen, of course.

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