information management

Information Management


We live in a digital world these days, where we receive information in many different forms and through various channels. Dealing with hard copies of incoming communications costs time, is inefficient and insecure, and makes it very difficult to keep track of the various (manual) flows. Furthermore, information needs to be safely available, accessible and shareable at all times. Data must be easy to incorporate into various workflows, some involving validation or digital signatures, and all this should be platform-independent. Towards customers as well, a unified approach to the distribution of information is essential to ensure a consistent brand image.

Moreover, good information management is more important than ever with the new hybrid way of working. Inetum-Realdolmen is there to help you deal with these challenges. Thanks to our knowledge of nearly all areas of technology, we never lose sight of the big picture. Our experts will explore your specific circumstances, present you with an approach for the implementation of a clear information management ecosystem, and take the practical steps to make it happen.


information management


Digital processing of information and documents saves time and storage space and improves the flow of information.

Greater efficiency

By automating time-consuming and manual processes, you free up time for tasks that add more value. Collect all processes involving information into a comprehensive ecosystem to make administration, updates and corrections much easier.

Better customer experience

With personal, improved customer communication, you can ensure an experience that meets today's high standards.

Better employee experience

When you reinforce collaboration between colleagues and teams and make all the required information easily available, employee engagement receives a noticeable boost.

An overview of our solutions

Electronic Document Management

  • Document storage
  • Document handling including metadata management
  • Document structuring
  • Navigation and search services

Signature and Identification Services

  • Digital signatures
  • Authentication services
  • Authorization services (rights management)

Knowledge Management

  • Information flow structuring
  • Information management strategy
  • Architecture of digital information solutions
  • Integration into business processes

Inbound Management

  • Document OCR & ICR
  • Email inbox management
  • Information feeds & inbound interfaces

Collaboration Services

  • Team collaboration
  • Chats and meetings
  • Digital information sharing

Processing Services

  • Workflows
  • Virtual agents
  • Web & REST services
  • Event-driven processing services

Case Management

  • To-do lists & checklists
  • Case-driven administration

Output Management

  • Document preparation and production
  • Document composition
  • Outbound distribution
  • Outbound interfaces

Content Management & Publication

  • Intranets/extranets/websites
  • Content production and publication


  • Long-term storage and retrieval
  • Enterprise document management

It's all about your digital flow

To keep moving and be able to respond to your customers' ever-changing needs with resilience, it's important to have a broad scope of activities. You need to focus on your current operations while also experimenting with tomorrow. We refer to this process of continuous movement as a digital flow. We offer several approaches to keep the flow going:


We'll dive into your strategy together. Then we'll use this as a base to inspire you with possible solutions fully adapted to your situation and goals.


We'll incorporate your strategy into your daily activities.


Have us handle your operational tasks.


We'll take your processes and tasks to the next level.

Would you like more information or do you have any questions? Our experts are here for you!