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Rflow is a solution that centralizes, organizes and processes all your data, and which allows you to find the data you need in no time at all thanks to its powerful search engine. Take advantage of its custom procedures and resources while respecting the integrity, authenticity, compliance, security and traceability of your media.

Rflow helps you to take advantage of the management and processing of your data with its flexible and high-performance workflow engine. You control all the data entering your information system (sourcing) while automatically archiving your documents (data archiving).

After automatically extracting the data from your documents, you populate your ERPs as well as CRMs and ECMs (data processing). Rflow has been given a user-friendly and high-performance search engine that enables you to find your data quickly (data search), and to access it within a modern, flexible and tailored portal interface for each user (distribution), with full security.

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We are being overwhelmed by enormous amounts of data and documents. Have you heard of a zettabyte yet? A gigabyte stands for a 1 with 9 zeros worth of bytes, while a zettabyte stands for a 1 with 21 zeros. It is estimated that by 2025, we will collectively be producing 180 zettabytes per year. As to whether things actually move that fast within your own company or organization depends on many factors. Even so, it is still worth preparing for an explosive increase in the volume and complexity of the data and documents you will need to manage. The upside is that this amount of data also offers unprecedented opportunities.

Volume & Variation

Volume & Variation

Every day, you receive and send out huge amounts of data and documents. In the "old days", that was mostly paper; now it's digital. Data and documents come and go from and to various parties. They can be suppliers, customers, partners, government agencies or various other institutions. Most – though luckily not all – need to be stored or even archived. As a result, paper archives are bursting at the seams, especially if there are no proper archiving procedures or policy in place.

However, it is not just paper that can lead to "information stress". Digital documents take up space too. The space may be smaller, but the issues are the same, especially if there are no good agreements in place on how to store digital documents. Where should we store these digital documents, and how do we make sure the correct versions are being preserved?

It is clear that the number of document types is only set to increase. The growing number of software systems has also increased the amount of variation in types of files. This includes text documents, spreadsheets, photographs, movies, drawings, emails, files and more. What's more, there are many different formats for each type, and all need to be comprehensible.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Various parties entrust you with important information. Conversely, your company or organization provides these parties with important information. That information is contained in many different documents and data. You want to organize access to this information properly, for both your own employees and external parties.

You might want to provide varying levels of access depending on the situation as well, e.g. complete access from within your internal network, but only limited access from external locations. The information may need to be encrypted. In any case, you want to prevent the information from getting into the wrong hands.

New, increasingly strict legislation such as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides some guidelines here as well. You also want to guarantee the authenticity of the data and documents themselves.

Searching & Finding

Searching & Finding

You manage documents and data effectively, efficiently and securely, and want to make them accessible. The starting point here is the simplicity with which information can be searched for and found.  After all, research has shown that if this is poorly organized, people will not be motivated to look for the correct information – with all the consequences that this brings.

You also want to ensure that the retrieved information is correct and up to date. As an additional service, you may want to offer proactive distribution of documents and data, such as through a portal or as a push notification. This enables you to ensure that the right stakeholders have access to the right information at the right time. 

Processes & collaboration

Processes & collaboration

Integration makes the difference. A company or organization consists of finely tuned interactions between various authorities, departments and individuals. See it as an orchestra. The instruments may sound pleasant individually, but to create a beautiful symphony, they must be in harmony with one another and play in concert.

The same applies to you. How do you achieve that harmonization? How can you ensure that important documents and information can support your business processes? This goes beyond collecting the information, centralizing it, making it retrievable or distributing it. It must be comprehensively incorporated into those processes. To that end, you need to consider how to integrate the various document flows and dynamic interfaces for other applications. This may require the development of specific web-based services or APIs. How do you ensure that an incoming document 'triggers' a specific action? 

Rflow, the pragmatic solution

Rflow makes it easy to manage all your incoming and outgoing documents and data.  You can then make them easily accessible through search features or a website or portal. You can also increase the efficiency of your company or organization by directly integrating information with other existing solutions.

All source types

All source types

Rflow easily processes any file from any source

Rflow effortlessly incorporates analog and digital documents and/or data. We can manage all kinds of documents, such as text documents, videos, images, faxes, email, lists, files, etc. 

It doesn't matter how this data enters Rflow either. The entry point can be a different software solution (ERP,CRM), an email or a scan system. Rflow imposes no restrictions.  We have an Outlook plugin for automatic intelligent email archiving, for example. 

In a nutshell:

  • Management of all kinds of documents: MS Office, PDF, email, photos, video, letters, logs, etc.

  • Originating from all kinds of systems: ERP, CRM, MAIL, scanning, etc.

  • On all kinds of media



Your information stored securely

It is clear that the amount of documents and data will increase exponentially in the coming years. This is why it is good to know that Rflow is a reliable partner for the storage and retention of your documents and data.

You want to store important records (contracts, orders, invoices, etc.) correctly. You also want to guarantee integrity and compliance. After all, they may also have (legal) evidential value. You might want to encrypt the information and create archives indexed by topic too. Welcome to Rflow. 

In a nutshell:

  • Long-term storage management, retention periods, hierarchies

  • Integrity, compliance, (legal) evidential value

  • Secure access management (AD connection) and document life cycles

  • Event traceability (logging)

  • Encryption/compression/non-duplication mechanisms



Put your information to work for you

Documents, data, information…it is all valuable. But how do you use them to advantage? How can they help make your company or organization even more efficient and customer-oriented? Rflow has the answer.

Our people are our greatest asset. Why, then, would we make them perform repetitive, non-challenging (administrative) tasks manually? Rflow is ideally suited to take over specific tasks. We accomplish this through integration with various other types of systems.

For example, this could mean starting an authorization workflow after scanning an invoice for expenses. Or sending an automatically generated email to confirm an order. The possibilities are endless. We can combine Rflow with various other tools or applications from within your landscape. Rflow can also function as an API, and we do of course support web-based services too.

In a nutshell:

  • Integration of document flows (API/Webservice)

  • Collaboration & Versioning

  • Dynamic interface for specific applications

  • Creation of your own dynamic workflows



Available wherever and whenever you want

Rflow ensures information is available wherever and whenever you want it. User-friendly and customer-oriented are the key words here.

You want to make information easily available. This is possible with Google-style search methods and full-text searches. The metadata you collect is certainly useful here. However, you may want the information to be made available not just to your colleagues, but to your customers, suppliers and/or other stakeholders too. Rflow offers many possible options that are suitable for different systems such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Security has an important role to play here as well. Our years of experience at leading financial institutions (including in Luxembourg and Belgium) guarantee this. It is also possible to distribute the information through a portal or website, for example..

In a nutshell:

  • Easy searching (metadata)

  • Ability to generate new documents from collected information

  • Ability to add elements (comments, watermark, post-its) with specific access control for these elements

  • Endless search options to grant to external parties (citizens, patients, customers, etc.) with identification-based access (login, ID, etc.)

Koen Eeckhout uses Rflow as a DMS system for the management of customer files & supplier files.

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