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CCM (Customer Communication Management) encompasses the management of traditional documentary production (paper mail, print channels) and extends it to the requirements of cross-media communication (email, smartphone, tablet, social media, etc.) that is agile, adapted to new uses and controlled from start to finish. A CCM solution creates a repository of document resources that centralises and standardises the company’s document templates: Customer relationship letters, notification mails, invoices, contribution requests, subscription management, loan or insurance offers, claims declaration, periodic statements, annual reports, etc.

The solution provides the end customer with personalised information at the right time, for the right use and on the right medium. It guarantees your company a simple and controlled management of this communication whatever the distribution channels and the production context (mass, transactional or interactive edition).

Bdoc Suite

Five good reasons to choose Bdoc Suite

1.  A solution that responds in a global way to the current challenges your company faces in relation to customer communication management.

2. A solution that facilitates the implementation of a User Centric approach to communication.

3. The only CCM solution that offers end-to-end interactivity from the manager to the end user.

4. A solution that enables agile collaboration between business services and IT teams.

5. Functional richness and product ergonomics that impress users.

A global solution

Realdolmen has the business expertise you need

With many successful projects behind it, Business Document has capitalised on its experience to offer its customers unique expertise in document processing. In order to make your projects with Bdoc suite a success, our consultants establish a proven methodology with a range of renowned expertise, from knowledge and analysis of business processes to various technical skills.

This methodology is based on a quality approach, proven on more than a hundred customers. These methodological principles are continually being improved to provide customers with a fast and efficient roll-out.

It is based on:

Advice, expertise and support throughout all the phases of the project:

  • The team is experienced in the different centralised, distributed architectures, EAI and SOA. Qualified specialists provide end to end project leadership.
  • Business Document regularly partners with integrators such as Atos or IBM depending on the objective and complexity of the projects.

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