Co-creation is the key to success

Digital Experience Platforms

As a marketing or sales
professional, you sometimes wonder...

Why does growth seem to be slowing down?
→ Join a Digital Strategy Workshop

Why does a customer pull out somewhere along their customer journey?
→ Improve your UX

How can I gain more insights into the customer journey?
→ Use a chatbot

How can I keep the engagement of existing customers high?
→ Consider a customer portal

How can I better serve my prospects?
→ Let's co-create an engaging website

As an IT professional,
you sometimes wonder...

How can I align my duties with the business?
→ Go for an Agile Way of Working

What is the right digital platform for my specific needs?
→ Choose a DXP solution

Which technology fits best, taking into account existing applications, short-term needs and a future-proof long-term vision?
→ Talk to a DXP Consultant

How can systems be made accessible to partners,
suppliers, customers, etc.?
→ Time for a B2B portal

We want it all: a worthwhile, surprising experience for our customers. This is definitely the case considering many of the daily woes experienced by marketing, sales and IT professionals can be solved by an informed focus on digital customer experiences.

Customer Experience is the key to success

Get agile advice from a trusted partner

Icon representing partnership

Trusted advisor

Our experts are available at every stage of your digital journey. Whether the focus is on your digital strategy, optimizing your user experience, choosing technology or designing the right architecture, our trusted experts can help you make all the right choices. Together, we can achieve your digital flow.

Icon representing Design Thinking

Design Thinking

For us, design thinking is not just a term; it is a framework that helps us to achieve your digital strategy together. We take into account the complexity of our ever-changing world, the needs of your organization and the expectations of your end users. Together, we translate your innovation efforts into value for the customer.

Design Thinking lays the groundwork for solving complex problems
Icon representing the Agile loop


Agile starts in our division with the right mindset: a focus on delivering business value in every task we do. Business analysts, UX designers, developers and testers work together in cross-functional teams to deliver solutions from the outset. Design and develop what the business needs right now.

A customer centric approach for every challenge


Digital discovery, digital commerce and digital engagement in practice



You don't build sustainable customer relationships overnight. Your organization may well know the unique added value of your products and services. Together, we translate this into an optimal digital experience that responds to all important aspects of the customer journey over various phases. From discovery to engagement, we build a website that fits your vision and fully meets the expectations of your future customer.


B2B Portals

Even in a B2B environment, customers find efficient online purchases and easy access to partners and suppliers the standard. Your B2B customers want to be able to manage their own data, products and services and gain access to relevant information and processes 24 hours a day. Maintain an overview of all interactions within your digital ecosystem and create a personalized environment for your professional contacts. Give them the same user experience and self-service features that B2C customers have been accustomed to for a long time.


Customer portals & mobile apps

The relationship with your customers does not end when they have left your website or completed their purchase. Easy access to additional services, additional products and information, efficient monitoring and transparent communication turn a new customer into a loyal one. Together, we build an optimal customer zone where your users can control their personal space within your organization – any time, anywhere – via user-friendly mobile applications.


Tailored solutions to your pain points


People in a workshop

Digital Strategy Workshop

Our experienced digital consultants support and inspire your organization to remain relevant in a rapidly changing digital landscape. In a number of interactive workshops, you gain a clear understanding of your business model; together, we determine how digitization can best support it. During our digital strategy workshops, we build a unique customer experience and define innovative solutions that help your organization grow and lay solid foundations for future-oriented solutions.

Get started yourself with our free templates or go for concrete action with our Digital Booster Workshop.

Designing application in Adobe XD

User Experience Design

Your customers and end users also expect – and deserve – a seamless user experience. Together with one of our UX experts, we map out the key moments of a customer who interacts with your organization for the various digital channels. We look at your digital platforms with a critical eye and draw up the ideal user experience tailored to your customers. We are also constantly thinking of less obvious or innovative solutions that take the user experience to the next level. We make the digital experience as human as possible through personalized interactions that are tailored to your customer’s needs.


Person using mobile chatbot


Digital experiences do not have office hours. The interaction between end users and organizations can take place at any time of the day, and you naturally want to remain available to your customers at these times. Automated conversational interfaces, also known as chatbots, ensures your services remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Seamlessly integrating them into your existing platforms and applications allows you to make all the necessary information available to your end users in a consistent manner and optimize the efficiency of your employees. What’s more, it makes the user experience even more personal, and gives you the opportunity to learn in detail what your customers are truly concerned about.

Want to find out more?


Consultant presenting DXP solution

DXP solutions

For many organizations, it is important to be able to respond quickly to new trends, unexpected events and rapidly changing customer expectations. We understand it may require considerable effort to respond quickly each time and to distribute new initiatives to end users at the right time via various digital channels. Using the right digital platform can be a valuable help in streamlining all information about your products or services. The combination of ready-to-use components, integration with your existing IT architecture and user-friendly administration screens allow you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your existing and new customers.


Team lead and consultant discussing solutions

DXP Consultancy

Together, we determine the most appropriate technology based on the needs of your organization, employees and end users. Our platform consultants are ready to advise and assist you in choosing a digital platform that meets your challenges in the short term, but also in a scalable way in line with your long-term objectives. Whether it’s a website, an e-commerce platform, a customer portal or a mobile application, we always work together to find the most suitable solution. In addition, we strive to ensure that the digital platform fits in seamlessly with your existing applications.

You and Inetum-Realdolmen, together.

Our starting point will always be your customers and the experience they are looking for. We will seek to understand their needs and match the best solutions to them, taking into account all the new innovative options that provide the acceleration power you need.

As a single-source partner, we help you to define your digital roadmap and act as a trusted advisor along the way. We search for and find the solution that will best fit your needs, build it and keep it running. We always aim to get everything in the picture. Our digital strategy consultants, business analysts, agile coaches, architects, developers and testers work together closely to deliver all the resources you need.

At Inetum-Realdolmen we strive every day to handle business in a pragmatic way. Instead of months of workshops and market research, we consciously opt for efficient co-creation with our customers to design and build the necessary solutions – from an MVP to a complete platform – to give your customers the experience they are eagerly looking for.

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