Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
The #1 all-in-one platform that fits you, not the other way around

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

The #1 all-in-one platform that fits you, not the other way around


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement offers a unique portfolio of intelligent CRM applications that use data-driven insights to give you the agility necessary to make and keep your customers happy, day after day. Marketing, Sales, Customer and Field Service are combined on the same platform, and your teams have all they need to achieve operational excellence, generate new leads and deliver a better customer experience, while still maintaining a human touch. Depending on your needs, you can implement the applications individually, in stages or use an integrated approach.

The flexibility your customers demand. Every day

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed for collaboration, both internally and with your existing systems, resulting in an expansive solution that connects your whole company. That means you can also connect with your customers, which is what it's ultimately all about, after all.



MS Dynamics 365

As your trusted technology expert, we go for:

Local intimacy with a global dimension

Lokale nabijheid met een globale dimensie

We work with local consultants supported by an international network who understand your requirements, allowing us to deliver greater value faster. 

The power of a Data and Cloud First approach

De kracht van een Data & Cloud First-aanpak

We collate your data, provide you with indispensable insights and link these to Microsoft AI so you can take action to ensure a fantastic customer experience. As our customers embrace the power of the cloud, they can respond to continuous change with much more flexibility.

Maximum flexibility and future-proofing

Maximale flexibiliteit en toekomstbestendigheid

Our consultants will prepare you to face the future by integrating upcoming technologies into your company, such as the Internet of Things, advanced analytics or even mixed reality. However, they will make sure to gain full insight into your specific challenges first. Using pre-built solutions by Microsoft and partners, we ensure that you can adapt quickly to your customers' changing demands, trends and market requirements.

Our offering

Inetum-Realdolmen is a certified Microsoft partner with a proven track record. We are eager to introduce you to our Positive Digital Flow approach, which means you no longer have to choose between all of your challenges. We believe in 'both-and'. Solutions, people and processes shouldn't work side by side, but together, in one continuous motion. By investing time and energy in four crucial activities – Inspiration, Integration, Operation and Optimization – you can keep yourself moving. It's all about fostering a digital reflex, with the customer as your starting point and technology as a strategic differentiator.

Inspiration and advice

Inspiration and advice

  • Awareness & Design Study: we start at the beginning, exploring your CRM strategy and goals together
  • Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable Product: try before you buy, make your own voyage of discovery and explore the potential
  • Customer Success Management: we handle things for you, keeping you informed of Microsoft D365 innovations and determining the added value for your organization
  • Accelerators: turboboost projects based on best practices, incorporated into ready-made building blocks, as we prefer not to re-invent the wheel

Integration of MS CE solutions

  • Marketing: become a customer, prospect and talent magnet
  • Sales: from initial contact to closing
  • Customer Service: turn customers into ambassadors
  • Field Service: solve problems before they occur
  • Project Operations: everything under control, from beginning to end


  • Licenses: collaborate for optimal achievements
  • Sourcing: have our specialists handle things for you
  • Projects: we're happy to take responsibility
  • Managed Services: extensive support of your entire Microsoft environment for its full life cycle, more is possible
Optimization and innovation

Optimization and innovation

  • Training: in ways that work for your people
  • Change Management: because user adoption is vital 
  • Data Quality and CRM Sanity: as-a-service models that continue to add to your project value
  • Audits: proactive monitoring as part of continuous improvement
  • Accelerators: our own plug-ins to enhance your D365 CE experience

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps

Select one, several or all applications.


  • Create personalized marketing campaigns based on the data and behavior of customers, partners, and more.
  • Use automatic processes to generate high-level leads that are seamlessly integrated into the sales processes.


  • Gain insights into the sales funnel thanks to simple automation of your sales processes, adjusted to suit your own company culture.
  • Streamline your decision-making, based on extensive insight into your customers' behavior.
  • Boost your sales pipeline with the 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Improve your customer relations with a personalized approach.
Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Fast and personalized customer service with added value during each interaction.
  • Stay up to date with all your customers' queries on every channel and device, and approach them in the most suitable way.
Field Service

Field Service

  • Ensure a seamless and end-to-end service experience.
  • Technical staff have access to all customer details and can work proactively.
  • Optimize the scheduling of your workforce and help reduce your ecological footprint.
  • Reduce your operating costs.

Start at the beginning

With a Dynamics 365 Awareness & Design Study, we use co-creation and visual facilitation to take the initial steps. Together, we can define the correct configuration for your specific needs and wishes in order to achieve the best results. Our proven project methodology ensures smooth implementation and makes sure that the tools implemented are used correctly and willingly.



Attention for your customers, your own people and your organization

As a Customer Engagement solution within the Microsoft family, we don't stand alone. We collaborate closely with colleagues on the following:

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