Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement


Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a complete modular solution for optimal maintenance of your customer relationships. Depending on your needs, the modules can be commissioned separately, in phases or in an integrated manner.

The solutions



Gain insights into the sales funnel thanks to simple automation of your sales processes, adjusted to suit your own company culture.

Streamline your decision-making, based on extensive insight into your customers' behavior.

Boost your sales pipeline with the 360-degree view of your customers.

Improve your customer relations with a personalized approach.

Customer Services

Customer Services

Fast and personalized customer service with added value during each interaction.

Stay up to date with all your customers' queries on every channel and device, and approach them in the most suitable way.



Create personalized marketing campaigns based on the data and behavior of customers, partners, and more.

Use automatic processes to generate high-level leads that are seamlessly integrated into the sales processes.

Field Services

Field Services

Ensure a seamless and end-to-end service experience.

Technical staff have access to all customer details and can work proactively.

Optimize the scheduling of your workforce and help reduce your ecological footprint.

Reduce your operating costs.

Convinced there is added value for your company?

Realdolmen is the ideal partner to assist you with setting up and maintaining a customer engagement journey. We get involved in the definition and scope of the project, take care of the implementation and are available to answer any questions you may have later.

Start at the beginning

With a D365 Awareness & Design Study, we use co-creation and visual facilitation to take the initial steps. Together, we can define the correct configuration for your specific needs and wishes in order to achieve the best results. Our proven project methodology ensures smooth implementation and makes sure that the tools implemented are used correctly and willingly.


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