MSDYN365 migration

Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise to Dynamics 365

Why switch to online?

The rapid advance of technological developments and the digital transformation can no longer be stopped. Your company is undoubtedly undergoing changes at the moment, with cloud applications becoming increasingly common.  

If you are currently still using Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise and wondering if migrating to Dynamics 365 (online) is needed or useful for your company, here's some information to start you off.

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

One of the major changes within the IT landscape is that more and more applications are being provided “as a service” and run in the cloud instead of using your own servers. That includes business applications such as CRM, ERP and accounting suites.

A few questions to ask yourself to determine the added value of cloud applications for your company:

  • Has the license for your current CRM application expired or are you due for an upgrade?
  • Have you purchased licenses in the past which you no longer use?
  • Do you need new applications to support your company's digital transformation?
  • Would you like to replace the silos and multiplicity of applications within your company with a scalable, customized solution, integrating all functionalities?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can answer these questions, and others within your business as well.

Why Dynamics 365?

  • Dynamics 365 combines multiple applications such as CRM and ERP in a single platform. So, not just Sales, Service and Marketing, but also Finance & Operations, Talent Management, Project Service Automation, Customer Insights, Field Services, etc.
  • Links with Office 365, LinkedIn, Azure, etc.
  • Thanks to Microsoft's open ecosystem, you can address all your various business requirements through the same platform. The platform unites both Microsoft applications and third party applications, fulfilling your company's unique requirements.
  • You no longer need to manage and maintain servers yourself.
  • No application downtime for maintenance.
  • You always work with the latest new version. Often, new versions are released for the online version only, remaining unavailable to on-premise users.
  • You only pay for what you use. That's more flexible and easier on your wallet too.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 is a hybrid environment, so you can switch to the cloud in stages, at your company's own pace.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Is Much More than ERP, CRM, HR, etc.

Dynamics 365 is a business platform that supports organizations in their digital transformation. Therefore, it includes a few standard applications to help with this:

  • Portals: Build a digital platform for collaborations with customers, employees or suppliers. Examples include a self service portal, an event page, a discussion forum, etc.
  • Social Engagement: Follow what's being said about your organization on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, and take action.
  • Gamification: Add a gaming element to monitor processes together.
  • Voice of the customer: Create simple surveys.
why Dynamics 365

What Does Inetum-Realdolmen Offer You?

  • An intake meeting focusing on your specific situation as a customer: Which elements of the current environment would you like to preserve, or not? Which current and future requirements do you have? Is full migration to the cloud indicated or should your company keep applications on-premise for some reason?
  • The results of the intake meeting determine whether a more extensive analysis of your environment is needed.
  • Based on the intake meeting or the extensive analysis, we propose a migration process in project mode. We work step by step, continuously adjusting the new environment to meet your actual needs.

More Information?

Would you like to find out if Dynamics 365 is suitable for your company? Are you looking for advice on migrating your Dynamics CRM on-premise environment to the cloud?
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