CI/CD pipeline with quality gates

Keptn & Dynatrace

The integration of automated testing in the pipeline is not new. Unit tests, which are executed and validated at each code commit, have been common practice for years. But what about the other tests? Automated API tests, coded UI tests and even load tests? Can they be executed from the pipeline? Sure! Can they be validated inside the pipeline and act like a quality gate? Maybe. And what about when an issue is detected? How can the root cause be found quickly?

As you can see in this picture, depending on the type of test, there are a few gaps to fill.

The good news is that these gaps can be filled using the advanced Observability and AI that Dynatrace offers together with Keptn quality gates, which can automatically validate the execution of your load tests.

So, yes, it is possible, and we are here to help.

A complete overview of the features of the extension

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