Modernize Service
Take your customer service to the next level

Modernize Service

Take your customer service to the next level


Marketing seduces, sales sells, but service delivers on the promise. Good customer service is the icing on the cake; it takes a customer experience to the next level.

And while we all know the above is true, many companies are constantly looking forward to the next sale while failing at customer service. With excellent customer service, companies can save on customer acquisition costs and develop a loyal following.

64% of companies say they notice higher sales due to good customer service. Moreover, 74% of customers are willing to forgive mistakes as a result of excellent customer service.

Enter the future of service excellence

Lack of personalization, poor coordination between internal departments, slow response times, etc. are death traps, customers expect more. Customer service that stands out today requires innovation and modernization. You can reshape the way you deliver service with next-generation AI.


For customers

You can better personalize the service experience for your customers, all customer contact moments flow seamlessly and the customers can also serve themselves smoothly.

When questions arise, intelligent routing smoothly connects your customer to a knowledgeable salesperson, who guides them to the right products/solutions. After purchase, seamless support continues, with AI and service teams working together to resolve any issues quickly and in context.


For employees

By using AI, the work of your front-line staff is significantly simplified. Problems are solved faster, which increases your team's productivity.

For example, imagine service employees using AI-enabled tools to quickly access relevant information when resolving customer queries. This not only speeds up the process, but also allows employees to focus on more complex tasks.

operational excellence

Operational Excellence

With AI-driven intelligence and automation, you can take your operational business to the next level.

For example, consider using advanced analytics to identify potential bottlenecks in your operational processes, allowing you to address problems before they occur. This not only improves operational excellence, but also creates room for growth and innovation in your service team.

Let the Microsoft ecosystem help you

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps deepen customer relationships and build long-term customer loyalty by enabling seamless and personalized customer experiences and improving productivity and collaboration for sales, marketing and service teams. Their customer experience solutions provide next-generation AI capabilities across the customer journey and are based on Microsoft's comprehensive approach to security, compliance, privacy and responsible AI. Copilot, the ultimate assistant, empowers your people to work more efficiently, collaborate better and innovate more.

Why choose Inetum as your partner?

Inetum stands out as an integrator partner with experienced consultants who specialize in Field & Customer Service. We offer customized solutions and are a one-stop shop for various integrations, saving companies time and money. As a Microsoft Global Gold Partner with 2500+ experts, including 5 MVPs, Inetum has extensive experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions over 20+ years of partnership.


Take the first step toward service excellence today

Challenge us to guide you on the path to Service Excellence. Let us inspire you through our envisioning workshop so that you too become a service-oriented organization. Fill out this form and book a personal meeting with us.

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