Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Things Become Business

Building Constructive Networks

The connected enterprise: it’s not just a buzz term anymore, but a concept that needs taking seriously. The world is changing around us and every organisation needs to keep up with this transformation. Forward-looking companies and authorities feel or know they need to form constructive networks if they want to be successful collaborating with others. The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new opportunities.

Extracting Income from Data

We look at the potential of IoT together with you to determine what we can achieve. When the business case is complete, we make sure the technological aspect is in order. We take care of the application programming interfaces (APIs) that form the connections between devices and ensure they can share data properly. Combining this data, often with other sources too, can bring about very valuable results. So valuable indeed that others want to pay for this information, leading to a whole new source of income.

Linking Data for Better Decisions

Local authorities can use the IoT in projects for smart traffic lights, managing large groups of people at festivals, or to support the local economy, for example. Linking data from surveillance cameras via the internet to traffic information, weather forecasts and messages on social media enables you to make appropriate decisions or automated recommendations much faster than before.

IoT and Privacy

Realdolmen has procedures in place to guarantee high quality in all stages of complex IoT projects, from quote to delivery. It is one of the few ICT partners in Belgium you can entrust your IoT project to from start to finish. When it comes to applications and infrastructure, we have all the very best in house to ensure these projects are completed successfully. We don’t just provide advice; we also run your IoT projects. With our expertise we can also provide related services such as Big Data or security so you don’t violate any privacy legislation.

Doing business with "Things"

We want your IoT project to succeed. We already did so for customers such as B Logistics, Brantano, Brussels Airport, Centre d’Informatique pour la Région Bruxelloise (CIRB), Fedict, Intrion, the free newspaper Metro and Proximus.

Proximus doesn't just sell telephone, internet and television subscriptions. Proximus also searches for new business models, and IoT is one of them. We helped them sell anonimized data.

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