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3 July 2018

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things often remains an abstract concept. Yet IoT can be a real enrichment in business. Do you want to see what it's all about with your own eyes? Our IoT lab contains a range of functional IoT devices with their dashboards, all of which can be implemented as part of a customized IoT solution. On the basis of 10 use cases, you will gain a good overview of the impact and the implementation options of IoT.

Experience IoT

Our DevOps factory is located in Ghent. Utilizing our factory concept, we want to standardize our projects at that location resulting in economies of scale. Yet for us, that concept was missing something, namely a demo room. Because of the "things" aspect of IoT, it is possible to demonstrate something tangible. We are now in a position to clarify the possibilities of IoT and manifest them as experience, so the immense IoT world becomes more concrete. There are already various connected appliances on our IoT platform. We show real-time data and analyze it on site. In addition, it is also possible to meet the architects behind various IoT solutions, who will offer advice on everything possible with IoT.

Mini Europe

At present, we have set up 10 use cases. Each case deals with part of a smart city, a city with a smart mobility plan, connected companies, smart energy management, and more. It can be compared to a Mini Europe, and we have made a small presentation of what a big smart city could look like. You can discover the following application areas in our lab:

  • Smart agriculture
  • Water and waterwaste management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Connected cars
  • Smart metering
  • Mobile phone enables IoT
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Logistics and mobile asset monitoring/management
  • Enterprise application integrated IoT system

A dynamic setup

The current setup is a good start, but it is not the final interpretation of the lab concept. In time, we want to evolve to a dynamic lab where we exhibit our reference projects, which we can adapt to customers' wishes and needs, and where we can even build prototypes. In this way we can respond to the questions that linger around IoT. Have something in mind yourself but would you like to see with your own eyes how it works? We'll put something together so that you have a good idea of the possible IoT applications straight away.


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