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25 June 2018

Internet of Things

Over the last few weeks, we have been taking a close look at the broad domain of the Internet of Things. Today, the question remains as to how a company can take something from this field that they can use to create business value.

How do you identify the piece of the IoT that complements your ever-changing business puzzle, a piece that literally links things together and helps to solve the puzzle?

Seeking together

A well-defined approach is needed to organize a useful IoT project. You need to map out a methodology that – as efficiently as possible – results in a successful project. This is not a one-size-fits-all path that everyone can simply wander down. Every company needs an IoT approach that is uniquely tailored to their situation. However, there are some challenges and requirements that are common to virtually every IoT project. This approach is what we have molded into an IoT Scan & Roadmap.

The first and most important step is always to assess the IoT potential; we call this the 'ideation' phase. Through workshops, the company becomes aware of the options available. We collect the necessary information quickly and accurately using an interactive approach. We look for the things we can control and monitor remotely through the use of actuators. We look for blind spots, i.e. things that the company has no information about at present, but which we believe could improve the quality of its products and services. We review and evaluate the possibilities, and define the scope for high-level analysis. We are approach the situation in a collaborative, creative way and focus on how we can make everything smarter.

It is important to keep the scope broad enough; the aim is to introduce "multi-purpose IoT". During this ideation phase, we retain a good overview of the whole business. People have a tendency to develop a single idea and cling to it. Often, however, a number of challenges in a company can be consolidated and resolved through a single approach. In this way, the cost savings and rise in efficiency are often much higher than initially estimated. We make the answer bigger than the question and seek out where the true business case is lurking. We draw the horizons of the solution and – equally as important – show the way to get there.

We make it real

Once the scope is defined, it is time to turn the project into something tangible. Through a process of co-creation, we create and build a minimum viable product (MVP). The idea behind this is that we build something, launch it and then see what happens. There are, of course, many questions that still need to be answered. There is no prototype, meaning there are no forfeited costs, as we always build upon an MVP.

Are you still looking for inspiration? If so, come and get inspired by our IoT Lab in Ghent! Our IoT lab contains a range of functional IoT devices with their dashboards, all of which can be implemented as part of a customized IoT solution. On the basis of 10 use cases, you will gain a good idea of the impact and the implementation options of IoT.

Are you ready to solve the puzzle?

Together we can make a plan to find the IoT applications that will make your business more efficient. We apply our end-to-end reference architecture to provide a solution from A to Z.

Learn more about the Internet of Things here, download our Scan & Roadmap or contact our specialists for a discussion with no obligation:

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