Document Management
in a digital world

Document Management

in a digital world

You probably know them well: the brown or gray IN and OUT trays. There is even a good chance that they are on your desk right now. This is because, even though the world is becoming increasingly digital, a completely paperless office is still not here today. 

The legal validity of electronic documents and of the advanced electronic signature can vary from region to region in Belgium; the differences are even greater at European and international level. For some electronic documents, such as invoices, there is clear legislation concerning storage and probative value; it is often somewhat more vague for other correspondence. No wonder, therefore, that organizations and governments continue to be hesitant about a paperless office. Legally speaking, document management is still at a very early stage and so the trays on your desk will remain full.

Yet all of us want to get rid of the towering filing cabinets, and a Document Management System that takes your organization's practical and legal needs into account offers a solution.

Two possible solutions: RFlow and RProve

Realdolmen offers two solutions to meet different (legal) needs: RFlow and RProve. The basic functions are the same for both tools. You manage the workflows, tasks and responsibilities of users; documents are indexed so that you can easily retrieve them later on; both tools interface seamlessly with ERP or intranet, or in the case of RProve with both the licensed and the free versions of Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System.

Choosing between RFlow and RProve depends mainly on whether you are managing 'dead' or 'live' documents. A 'dead' document only needs to be archived and will never change. For example, think of invoices you receive, digital or otherwise.


RFlow is used mainly for digital archiving of electronic documents. The tool has a strong text-recognition function, automatically reads key data from documents and other data sources, and feeds your ERP or CRM database.

The major advantage of RFlow is the legal guarantee: every scanned document is allocated a unique number and so becomes unmodifiable. In the banking and insurance world, for example, such legal validity is extremely important for potential legal disputes.


RProve is mainly used for managing 'live' documents that you receive in paper format. Documents in which various users change or add something and so require version management. All your post is managed in a clear file with customized checklists and actions.

In RProve, you can also use an advanced electronic signature, which means that your live documents have the necessary legal validity. 

Whether your flow of documents is now digital or on paper, management and overview are required. The right tool that matches your organization's core business helps you save time and archive space, improves the flow of internal information and helps your staff focus on the real business needs.