Business Productivity Roadmap
Download our Business Productivity Roadmap

Business Productivity Roadmap

Download our Business Productivity Roadmap

By 2020, 50% of all employees will be millenials

For the generation for whom mobile working is the norm; social interaction, working on the move, fuzzy boundaries between work and private life will be normal and everyday. The generation gap with the other 50% of employees will keep growing over the next few years. Organizations and their IT departments therefore need to start today on preparing tomorrow’s workplace where structured and simple collaboration is of primary importance, all systems are connected to each other, and access to systems by employees is a given anywhere and anytime.

Our approach

A simple, technical response to handle these trends is not always available. Improving Business Productivity often demands a change in the company culture, the corporate vision and existing work procedures. Business commitment is also of huge importance from an early stage: your own employees know best where the blockages and vulnerabilities are located.

Using a Business Productivity Roadmap, we, together with your core users, jointly investigate where the real vulnerabilities are in the areas of collaboration and communication. We then define the priorities and create a project plan in close consultation. The focus here is on the so-called «low-hanging fruit»: quick gains in business productivity with low technical complexity. You get a clear view of how the Microsoft Business Productivity tools can offer a real solution for your collaboration and communication challenges

Microsoft Business Productivity tools

As a result of the reviews and the workshops you will receive a roadmap document. This roadmap provides you with some insights and practical plans, both in terms of resources and in terms of budget.

Download our Business Productivity Roadmap.

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